July 27, 2010

Penn State releases 'Official' 2010 depth chart

The 2010 Penn State football media guides are out, and of course, we're all chomping at the bit to see where the chips fell after spring and summer practice. Here is the "official" depth chart: (I'll have some notes below each position)

Quarterback Kevin Newsome (12) should have plenty of protection this season from the strong right side of the offensive line, anchored by right guard Stefen Wizniewski (61) and right tackle Lou Eliades (77).
11 Matt McGloin (6-1, 206, Jr/3) or
12 Kevin Newsome (6-2, 221, So/3)
10 Paul Jones (6-3, 239, Fr/4)
16 Shane McGregor (6-1, 200, Jr/3)

Notes: Don't freak out about Matt McGloin and Kevin Newsome being listed as co-starters right now, cause it doesn't mean much... Then again, this entire depth chart could change by Sept. 3... true frosh quarterback Robert Bolden will be added later, as those frosh who entered in the summer are never included in the preseason depth chart.

22 Evan Royster (6-1, 224, Sr/1) - TB
21 Stephfon Green (5-10, 197, Sr/2) - TB
26 Curtis Dukes (6-1, 242, So/4) - TB
37 Joe Suhey (6-1, 221, Sr/2) - RB
33 Andre Dupree (5-10, 234, So/4) - RB

Notes: Looks like Dukes is the new power back until Brandon Beachum returns to full strength... there have been reports that Mike Zordich will stay at fullback, but isn't on the depth chart yet because of his situation in JoePa's dog house.

80 Andrew Szczerba (6-6, 260, Jr/3)
89 Garry Gilliam (6-6, 265, So/4)

Notes: Kind of surprising Kevin Haplea didn't make the chart here, but Penn State usually only goes two-deep at tight end... Brennan Coakley has apparently elected not to use his final year of eligibility, which explains his absence from the chart.

6 Derek Moye (6-5, 201, Sr/2)
19 Justin Brown (6-3, 213, So/3)
8 Brandon Moseby-Felder (6-2, 181, So/4)

83 Brett Brackett (6-6, 232, Gr/1)
7 Curtis Drake (5-11, 173, So/3)

5 Graham Zug (6-2, 183, Sr/1)
4 Shawney Kersey (6-1, 193, So/4)
20 Devon Smith (5-7, 160, So/3)

Notes: A bit surprising here that Brackett is getting the starting nod ahead of Drake in the slot... otherwise, nothing remarkable at wide receiver.

Senior center Doug Klopacz (68) will finally get his chance to shine this fall, after an unfortunately injury-plagued career.
67 Quinn Barham (6-3, 293, Sr/2)
78 Mike Farrell (6-6, 297, Jr/3)
76 Nate Cadogan (6-5, 296, So/4)

50 DeOn'tae Pannell (6-5, 316, Jr/2)
74 Johnnie Troutman (6-4, 316, Sr/2)
75 Eric Shrive (6-6, 292, So/4)

68 Doug Klopacz (6-3, 284, Sr/1)
54 Matt Stankiewitch (6-3, 295, Jr/3)
60 Ty Howle (6-0, 290, So/4)

61 Stefen Wisniewski (6-3, 298, Sr/1)
64 John Urschel (6-3, 274, So/4)
73 Mark Arcidiacono (6-4, 272, So/4)

77 Lou Eliades (6-4, 304, Sr/1)
52 Chima Okoli (6-4, 291, Sr/2)
58 Adam Gress (6-6, 292, So/4)

Notes: The offensive line looks to have stayed the same since the spring, with Barham, Pannell/Troutman, Klopacz, Wiz, and Eliades on the first team... I wonder if Okoli found a new home at right tackle, as he was floating between the OL and DL... the rest of the two-deep line doesn't exactly shock me.


81 Jack Crawford (6-5, 271, Jr/2)
44 Kevion Latham (6-2, 242, Sr/2)

56 Eric Latimore (6-6, 267, Sr/2)
90 Sean Stanley (6-1, 242, So/3)

Notes: This looks like the best four-DE rotation in a long time. I won't say the individual talent is more impressive than, say a Tamba Hali or Aaron Maybin, but the quality of all four combined is making me giddy.

71 Devon Still (6-5, 304, Sr/2)
93 James Terry (6-3, 311, Jr/3)

85 Ollie Ogbu (6-1, 300, Sr/1)
47 Jordan Hill (6-1, 311, So/3)

Notes: From what I've heard and read, Brandon Ware is off the chart because of his academic issues, but if he can get his grades in order, he could see time this fall in the two-deep... the D-line overall seems short height-wise, though.

Since spending the 2009 season at safety, Gerald Hodges (6) has shot up the depth chart at his new "Sam" outside linebacker position.
48 Chris Colasanti (6-2, 239, Sr/1)
33 Mike Yancich (6-2, 231, Jr/3)

34 Nate Stupar (6-1, 226, Sr/2)
42 Michael Mauti (6-2, 229, Jr/3)
54 Jamie Van Fleet (6-0, 227, Jr/3)

15 Bani Gbadyu (6-1, 237, Sr/1)
6 Gerald Hodges (6-2, 228, So/3)

Notes: The two-deep is interesting, with Yancich moving inside, and Hodges locking up the backup SAM spot... I guess Mauti is staying on the outside, kind of figured that would happen.

1 Nick Sukay (6-1, 209, Sr/2)
23 Stephen Obeng-Agyapong (5-10, 194, So/4)

28 Drew Astorino (5-10, 198, Sr/2)
13 Andrew Dailey (6-2, 220, Sr/2)
27 Jacob Fagnano (6-0, 204, Jr/3)

12 Stephon Morris (5-8, 182, So/3)
2 Chaz Powell (6-1, 193, Sr/2)
14 Mike Wallace (5-9, 183, So/4)

8 D'Anton Lynn (6-1, 204, Jr/2)
5 Derrick Thomas (6-0, 177, So/4)
4 Evan Lewis (5-10, 194, So/4)

Notes: If you watched the Blue-White Game, this two-deep secondary is totally expected.


36 Collin Wagner (5-9, 173, Sr/2)
30 Anthony Fera (6-2, 212, So/4)
28 David Soldner (6-1, 222, Jr/3)

30 Anthony Fera (6-2, 212, So/4)
95 Russell Nye (6-0, 163, Jr/3)
5 Graham Zug (6-2, 183, Sr/1)

83 Brett Brackett (6-6, 234, Gr/1)

61 Stefen Wisniewski (6-3, 298, Sr/1)
57 Emery Etter (6-1, 230, So/4)
60 Ty Howle (6-0, 290, So/4)

2 Chaz Powell (6-1, 193, Sr/2)
21 Stephfon Green (5-10, 197, Sr/2)

19 Justin Brown (6-3, 213, So/3)
5 Graham Zug (6-2, 183, Sr/1)

Notes: Thankfully, Anthony Fera is back... I was seriously concerned about the punting and return games going into this fall, but I really, really like which players are getting the opportunities to start here. Penn State looks like it's finally gone with the absolute best talent available on special teams.

That's about it for now. This depth chart will surely change between today and game week, so take everything you just read with a huge grain of salt.

Coming later/tomorrow: Tuesday Recruitin' could be delayed tonight until tomorrow, but I will try my darnedest to get it done before midnight. Otherwise, you'll have something nice to wake up to tomorrow besides our usually fantastic morning posts by Ryan. Plus, I think Tim should have the Michigan blogger Q&A with Brian from MGoBlog. Should be a fun day!

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  1. Very disappointed to see Mauti outside, especially behind Stupar. He and Nate are the two best LBs on this team, and that's, honestly, without question.

  2. Mauti played on the outside in 2008 as a backup. His athleticism will do him well in that position. But I do agree that he and Stupar are probably the best options on the outside... for now. But Gbadyu isn't as bad as everyone thinks. He just hasn't gotten enough playing time to stand out. We could actually see Gbadyu in the "Jerome Hayes" role this year, as a stand-up DE. He has apparently bulked up quite a bit. If he's able to retain his speed, that will be great on the outside, and would allow Mauti and Gerald Hodges to play more OLB.

  3. I've heard the same reports on Gbadyu, and I'm expecting big things from him. I just think Mauti is a lot like Dan Connor, in that he could play either inside or out. Of the current three penciled-in linebackers to start, I don't think anyone outside the Colasanti family would disagree that Chris is the weak link. If Gbadyu breaks out like he's capable of--and if he's truly kept that speed, it sounds very probable, and Stupar picks up where he left off as a disruptive force, Mauti's sure tackling and sideline-to-sideline speed seems a more natural fit than Colasanti's block-shedding attacking at the line of scrimmage to go in between them.

    Mauti and Stupar are, without and semblance of a doubt, my two favorite players on this team. Morris is a distant third. (And let me also say, from having a class with him, Stupe is a really good kid as well). The more we can see those two on the field together, the better.

  4. There is no way Mauti stays 2nd string, the coaches will not be able to keep that talent on the sideline. I think this thing is way preliminary and you'll probably see all kinds of mash-ups for week one. I will say this: I think by the end of the year Morris & Lynn will make noise in the Big Ten. I like both of them and think they will make a great corner tandem.

  5. I want to agree with that, but frankly, we haven't seen enough of Mauti on the actual Beaver Stadium grass to know for sure that he's the next Shane Conlan.

    But if everyone wants to start drooling now, think about this: the 2011 starting linbackers could be Gerald Hodges, Mike Mauti, and Nate Stupar. Talk about power and athleticism up and down.

  6. the starters on the DL are
    How much taller would you like them to be?

  7. Sorry, I was looking at the backups too. Should have said that. Obgu, Hill and Stanley are only 6'1", while Latham is 6'2". I know, I shouldn't complain about measurables like this. Tamba Hali was "too small" to play in the NFL, but now he's one of the Chiefs' most valuable players.

  8. Brett Brackett as holder is interesting. Not sure if he has done this before. Gives the option for trick pass plays on FG's.

  9. I swear Brackett was a holder at some point or another. If not, he is a former quarterback, which is usually the holder anyway.

  10. I am really shocked that the Kuntz kid from Camp Hill is not to be found on this list. Very fast,smart,and atheletic. He may want to think about moving on if not held in any positive regard.

  11. Kuntz looks to me physically like he'd be a heck of a LB if he couldn't get on the field at reciever.

  12. We are recruiting the wrong type of players. We need to recruit 4 ft. tall players so that they have a low center of gravity and would be hard to tackle or block. Yet, they should have 8-10 foot arms so that they can grab things. Imagine a 4 ft. tall running back coming out of the backfield: It would be hard to grab him. Yet, with his 8 foot long arms, he could give a stiff arm from 8 feet away. The result? a touchdown everytime. Imagine a defensive tackle with 11 foot arms. As soon as the quarterback snapped the ball, he could reach over the line of scrimage and sack him. But do we recruit these types of Players? NO! We recruit guys like Savon Huggins who all he knows how to do is hug people. No wonder we lose every game we play.