July 21, 2010

Projected Tide starter Marcell Dareus declared ineligible for 2010

The Crimson Tide might lose two defensive starters for 2010, if DL Marcell Dareus is ruled ineligible by the NCAA

Alabama defensive lineman Marcell Dareus has been reportedly ruled ineligible for the 2010 season. Dareus, who intercepted a pass for a touchdown in the BCS Championship Game against Texas, was projected to be a star along the Crimson Tide's front line this fall. From TideSports.com:
"University of Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus has been declared ineligible and is believed to be the only UA player who attended a party in Miami hosted by a sports agent, a source close to the situation told The Tuscaloosa News."
The university is going to appeal this decision by the NCAA, and depending on how the investigation goes, we'll see if he can be reinstated by the second week of the season, when Penn State travels to Tuscaloosa. It's standard procedure for the a player to be ruled ineligible the moment a wrongdoing is suspected.

This could either be really bad, or just fade away. Mostly, that will hinge on how Dareus' situation is related to this:
"Dareus may be part of a larger NCAA probe into agent activity, as the NCAA has spoken with North Carolina defensive lineman Marvin Austin and South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders about their knowledge of the same party. Austin's alleged agent involvement, according to the source, is of a more serious nature than that of Dareus."
The NCAA has come down like a hammer on the Marvin Austin/Weslye Saunders case. If Dareus is in any way involved, he's done for at least the season.

But enough speculation. I'll try to keep an eye on this and update this post when more comes out.

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  1. The University of Alabama has not yet confirmed that Dareus has been ruled ineligble and Sabin also has denied this. However if the allegations are true, Alabama will have no choice than to suspend for multiple games and more likley the entire season. Give Alabama some credit because if I understand this correctly they (The University) brought these allegations forward, they were not discovered by the NCAA or turned over to the NCAA by an outside source. Mike Chohany

  2. @Mike Yes, it's still early. But this is the worst time to have anything close to violations, what with the NCAA so loudly coming down on everything. Plus, the media is all over the SEC, with the SEC media days going on right now. Thanks for reading! (and for signing your comment!)

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