August 16, 2010

Linkbacker U is too intense for the pros

Sean Lee sits out first game for being a Beast

I've heard of players sitting out preseason games due to injury, or holdouts (see Revis). But being too intense? Good work Sean Lee. Guess Happy Valley really did teach you something.

Cowboys rookie linebacker Sean Lee was Held out of Thursday night's preseason game against the Oakland Raiders because he is "too intense," according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
"Because he has such a high motor, because he's so intense, that's keeping him from being in this ballgame," Jones stated before the game.
Wish we could say the same about his former teammate Aaron Maybin...

Survey Says? Eh

Thursday's media day brought reporters very few answers to their questions. We still don't know who will be starting at quarterback, or when Joe will walk away. But 22 reporters covering media day got to answer a question of their own. What will Penn State's record be this season? The consensus? 8-4.
Cory Giger, Altoona Mirror-Record: 8-4. Comment: "They'll have losses to Alabama, Ohio State and Iowa and one more slip-up in the Big Ten. I'm not sold on the quarterbacks. Hopefully, they'll make good progress throughout the season and we'll know by weeks 5, 6, 7, but early on I expect a lot of struggles from the quarterbacks."
My guess? I'm sure we'll be doing predictions in the coming days, but I take the under.

Penn State White House After All?

There will be no white house coming to Penn State or Beaver Stadium this fall, so Penn State will have to go to the White House. Yes, the real White House. The PSU women's volleyball team, as well as the men's and women's fencing team, will be among the collegiate championship teams headed to Washington D.C. to meet the president and be honored for their accomplishments.

Not As Putrid and Horrendous as it Seemed?

Finally, a national media outlet is giving someone other than Joe Pa some attention. Surprisingly enough, it's some positive coverage of the basketball team. I know, I was shocked too. Apparently Sports Illustrated's Andy Glockner thinks PSU wasn't quite as pathetic as their record showed.
The Nittany Lions went 3-15 in the Big Ten last year with a points-per-possession margin of -0.07 after going 10-8 the year before with a margin of -0.04. Overall, Penn State finished nearly five games worse than expected last season, making it the second-most unlucky team in Division I. The young Nittany Lions did some things very well. They led Division I in defensive rebounding percentage and very rarely put people on the free-throw line, both of which are strong positive defensive indicators. They didn't block any shots or force many turnovers, though, which means opponents simply got too many good looks at the rim to overcome. Penn State won't be an NCAA team, but with star guard Talor Battle returning and the maturation of some of the young talent, things should improve in Happy Valley.
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