August 6, 2010

Linkbacker U is all about Joe

I saw Tim got a chance to run Linkbacker for a day and I kicked and screamed until they gave me the keys. So let's light this candle.

Does Penn State actually have a team?

Maybe you've heard that Joe is having health problems and getting old but Mike Poorman of State wants to know why no one asked anything pertaining to football.

Not once in either interview session on Monday was Paterno asked about a Penn State player.

Not about the Oct. 2 roadtrip to Iowa, where Penn State hasn't won in its last three tries. Or about the Nittany Lions' Nov. 13 road game at the Horseshoe, where Penn State has won only once (in 2008) in eight tries since the Lions joined the Big Ten in 1993….

…Overall, here is the tally of question topics posited on Monday:
Health, age, retirement – 9

Big Ten expansion – 3
2010 expectations - 1
400 wins – 1
Alabama – 1
Being happy – 1

A frosty shot of Jager to you sir for using statistics to show the stupidity of the national media. Someone tell me again why newspapers are failing?

Breaking News Flash: Bleacher Report actually puts something out readable; Hell freezes over

The Bleacher Report generally puts as much thought into their articles that I put into choosing breakfast cereals, but this is mildly amusing.

It was believed that his current contract, set to expire after next season, would finally be the end of his storied career. No one wants to see such a historic sports figure die in office.

But officials from Penn State announced today that it doesn't necessarily have to be end, should he die while still the head coach.

"We have an exciting announcement from our college of Medical Sciences and Dark Arts today," said enthusiastic school president Graham Spanier. "We believe we now have the technology to be able to bring JoePa back as an undead zombie, should he die soon."

Oh sure we can use this power for good but it's a slippery slope of doom, it's only a matter of time until this new technology falls into the wrong hands. Could you imagine a zombie Charlie Weis?!? There would be no way to satiate his lust for flesh.*

We R so smart

I know we've all been waiting for this day like its Christmas in August, because today is the day that the National Collegiate Athletic Association releases its APR data!! Penn State did well yet again.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association's release of APR data starting with the 2003-04 academic year shows that the five Penn State head coaches consistently produce teams who beat the average Division I APR score for their respective sport. The NCAA announced yearly APR scores for all Division I head coaches in baseball (Robbie Wine), men's basketball (Ed DeChellis), women's basketball (Coquese Washington), football (Joe Paterno), and women's indoor and outdoor track and field (Beth Alford-Sullivan).
Keep your chin up Penn State Basketball fans, at least we've got that going for us!

If Tim can hijack posts with basketball I can do so with wrestling

Not new news by any means but I haven't had an update on the wrestling front for a while so here's one now. Penn State fans can rejoice this season because after sitting through a boring home schedule last season things are going to be different this year.

The Nittany Lions are wrestling 10 times in Pennsylvania. That total includes seven dual meets at Rec Hall.

"Getting more home duals was also real important. That's part of building a fan base. We need to have matches in State College."

The fan base should swell to impressive levels on Jan. 30 when Iowa visits Rec Hall. The Hawkeyes captured their third straight NCAA title this past season.

Penn State averaged 4,341 fans per home meet during 2009-10 despite a lackluster schedule. The Nittany Lions are primed to increase their average crowd because rival Lehigh (Nov. 14) and Ohio State (Dec. 19) join Iowa on the home schedule.

I'm already giddy with anticipation.

This and That

The Daily Tribune says this could be a banner year for the Big Ten. As long as Ohio State wins. Wait, what?

Defending national champion Alabama is No. 1 in the just-released USA Today preseason coaches' poll. Penn State is 14th, one position ahead of Pitt. *snicker*

*and you thought there was no way I could fit a Charlie Weis fat joke into my posts anymore. Ha!

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