August 20, 2010

Linkbacker U is headed back to the Valley


Finally, summer in the arm pit of America has come to a close. My next Linkbacker post will be coming at you from the State College, and most likely the ComRadio studios.

ESPN Actually Covers the Penn State Football Team...Kind of
Thank you Adam Rittenberg. There is someone at ESPN we can rely on to receive worthwhile Penn State information from, even if it was just his reaction from the Big Ten Network preview show. If you are like me and are not lucky enough to get the Big Ten Network, or you just missed the show, check out Rittenberg's review.

Tom Bradley won't Count his Chickens

Not sure if you heard, but Joe Paterno's run as Penn State's coach is closer to the end than the beginning. Sooner or later, the school will be looking for a new coach. Al Golden? Greg Schiano? Bill Cowher? The most likely scenario is that they will keep it in house, and go with defensive coordinator Tom Bradley.

Don't tell him that though, as he is content where he is now.

"I am happy where I am - I like it," he said. "I don't think being a head coach will define me. It is a great place for me to work, and working for coach Paterno, I really enjoy it."
His brother had an ummm...different take on Bradley's prospects of leading the Nittany Lions.
"Obviously, it's on his mind," said Jim Bradley, Tom's older brother and the Steelers' orthopedic surgeon for 19 years. "He gets contacted by a lot of people. He has turned down positions, but he does not talk about it, due to respect and general decorum. It's like dating a girl and talking about it. It is not acceptable behavior."

Personally I couldn't care less if the next coach comes from within the system or outside the program. As long as he can recruit and he can coach. Allowing a little more media access wouldn't hurt either.

Not Quite Your Grade School Division

Man I thought long division was tough the first time I learned it in 3rd grade. The amount of different ways I have proposed divisions i have seen for this 12 team conference is mind boggling. Well Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press threw one more suggestion in for good measure.

"Unless I'm missing something (which is always possible), then Michigan and Ohio State go in one division and Penn State and Nebraska go in the other. This way, U-M and OSU get to preserve as much of their rivalry's meaning as possible. They will play in the last game of the regular season. The Game usually will determine at least a share of the division, instead of the conference. And they'll only play once a year."
His final conclusion?
• THIS DIVISION: U-M, MSU, Ohio State, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern.
• THAT DIVISION: Penn State, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois.

Oh No! But what about the Land Grant Trophy?

Paterno on the Radio After All

Surprise! Joe Paterno will be taking his talents to a new radio show after all. From the Collegian's Footblog:
The Penn State Football Show will take place at 6 pm Thursdays and Paterno will have a segment on the show each week, a team source confirmed.

The show will run from late August through the end of football season, but whether or not Paterno will appear live on the air is still unknown."

The Big Ten Network is a Fan of Joe Pa

Who doesn't like those Big Ten commercials with Joe screaming "Come to Penn State!" Not to mention his weekly press conferences. His response to David Jones' question about expansion will live in infamy. So it's no surprise that the Big Ten Network loves his presence on their programming. Here's president Mark Silverman commenting on the coach.


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