August 17, 2010

Linkbacker U loves that sound coming from Tuscaloosa

Quick heads up for today... Kyshoen Jarrett will announce his college pick this Wednesday afternoon, so I'll wait to post Tuesday Recruitin' until after his decision is made. this heads up is pointless. I lost track of what day it was.

The sound of complacency, to be exact... There aren't too many things going for Penn State when trying to examine the Nittany Lions' chances of beating Alabama in week two of the 2010 college football season. Well, there aren't too many things besides the bunch I've been saying for months now, but that's beside the point today, as we may have a full-blown glimmer of actual hope. The interesting part of it, it's not coming from Happy Valley. Rather, it's what is going on--or, not going on, to be more precise--on the Crimson Tide football team right now.
Such was the case Monday as the Crimson Tide completed its final two-a-day session of preseason, two days after a scrimmage where an experienced offense worked a rebuilding defense for almost 700 passing yards and 13 touchdowns.

Though only numbers from a closed scrimmage, they could be construed as a warning flag about a defense that must replace nine starters. Saban wasn't kind afterward, bemoaning poor tackling and, perhaps worst of all, a troubling lack of effort.
But what do I know about Alabama's defensive troubles, right? This should be very troubling news for Tide fans. I will not get into the game of telling them how horrible their team will be, or that they're going to lose to Penn State if this doesn't get fixed. I hate when other teams' fans do that about the Nittany Lions, especially recently about Joe Paterno.

So, I'll leave it at this: There is no greater danger to a ridiculously talented team like Alabama than to lack a sense of urgency. Do these players not remember what happened in the 2009 Sugar Bowl? Don't give me that crap about how Utah was great, or that Bama was missing Andre Smith. There was no reason for the Tide to get blown away like that. It was a lack of effort, plain and simple. And going into the second week of the season, with nine new starters, seven or eight with virtually no meaningful playing time, against what figures to be an unknown but talented Big Ten team (which, by the way, returns most of the guys who beat LSU on Jan. 1), a sense of urgency is one thing this Alabama team cannot lack.

Quarterback controversy? What Quarterback controversy? It will not end until September 4th, and that's even an optimist's prediction. Good God, man:
Do not be surprised, our man said, if sophomore Matt McGloin, the former walk-on, opens the season as the starter. And Penn State could use a two-QB system with Bolden coming in as a reliever, much the same way Ohio State used quarterbacks Todd Boeckman and Pryor in 2008.
Look, I know Bob Flounders said his source hasn't led him astray so far, but this is stretching it a bit. Sure, I could tell you not to be surprised if Graham Zug is the starting punter this fall. But if that doesn't happen, was I in any way incorrect in my "don't be surprised" statement?

Hot and Not returns... Mark Schlabach's column, which I actually enjoy reading, returns for the 2010 college football season. Two mentions to take note of; the first is under the "Not" category:
6. Season openers: Once again, most of the sport's heavyweights will open the season against cream puffs. Penn State hosts Youngstown State. FSU plays Samford. Georgia Tech plays South Carolina State. Miami opens against Florida A&M. Thank goodness for the "Jersey Shore" marathon.
...and the next "Not":
9. Big (Ten bashing): The conference everyone loved to beat up during the past five seasons stood its ground during 2009 bowl season. Ohio State beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Iowa took out Georgia Tech in the Orange. Penn State beat LSU in the Capital One. Wisconsin defeated Miami in the Champs Sports.
Sticking with TWWL... Adam Rittenberg recaps all the Big Ten mentions in's annual preseason pundit orgy:
Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden: Adelson picks Bowden, writing, "After the age of 80, life just seems better on the golf course."
No, I'm pretty sure this life is just fine, thanks...

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  1. I heard it was going to be Wednesday at 3pm.

  2. Thanks, lol. Lost track of the day.

  3. No worries...happens to me all the time.

  4. Alabama returns 2 starters on defense. I've said it since day 1.

  5. 1 if NC MVP Dareus isn't cleared... (holds breath)