August 27, 2010

Penn State D-I Hockey Arena Location Rumor

The parking lot near the Shields Building,
across from the BJC is the most likely place
for Penn State's new hockey arena. (Image: PSU Map)
After hearing a rumor this week, I decided to check it out. (What's this? Actual reporting?) So I asked around, and it seems that Penn State is looking at building a hockey arena near or in the Shields Building parking lot, across from the Bryce Jordan Center.

With all the hype around football season, it's not unexpected that the hockey situation has flown pretty far under the radar. But after years of winning club titles, Penn State will finally make the jump to D-I hockey. The Icers have been one of the most successful teams at Penn State, but because of the level at which they play, they're not paid any attention.

We'll try to keep up on this story best we can here at LBU.

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  1. What might be the plans for the old rink once the new one is built?

  2. @Huck Probably a parking lot.

    Mike, can we get a hit at your source on this?