September 11, 2010

Alabama handles Penn State 24-3

Dave Martin/Associated Press
Alabama's Trent Richardson, filling in for
Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram,
gained 144 yards on 22 carries
against Penn State on Saturday.
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Take a deep breath.

Okay? Now, listen up...

This loss hurt. Every loss hurts. But there is no reason to feel crushed by tonight's outcome in Tuscaloosa.

Penn State played hard the entire game. You can curse the missed tackles, the turnovers, the dropped passes. But this Penn State team went through some necessary, though very tough, growing pains tonight. It will all pay off. I can't say how soon, but it will in the end.

Alabama is a great football team. As fans, we were all hopeful--as we should have been--for Penn State to beat the Crimson Tide. But most of us probably also held onto reality, that barring some miracle, Penn State would lose to Alabama.

I feel bad for the SEC... really. In a conference with very few capable offensive stars--never mind an overall offensive unit as machine-like as what the Crimson Tide fielded tonight--Greg McElroy, Trent Richardson, a soon-to-be healthy Mark Ingram, and one hell of a receiver corps will have little problem making up for any weakness in a young, but ridiculously talented defense.

Penn State may have just lost to an eventual national champion, and there is no shame in that.

I'll go into the specifics in my full game review coming tomorrow or Monday. For now, though, keep those heads held high. Penn State really has something going here, and we should all be excited for the future of this program.

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  1. Good analysis. We are obviously not a top ten team, but I think the future is exciting. We needed Alabama to make mistakes, they didn't. We had many chances in the red zone, but never capitalized. Bolden is acting and carrying himself like an upperclassman, but still playing like a freshman. This will change.

  2. PSU is maybe a 20 to 25 team, top 10 LOL!!!!!

    This is going to be a 8-4 team at best!

  3. For some reason, I highly doubt this is really Howard Stern I'm replying to... but hey, it's cool. I'm also assuming it's the same Howard that made this trollish comment in the preview (

    If you an Alabama fan, you are doing your team and your fanbase a huge disservice. Most of your fans showed an incredible sense of honor and respect to our visiting team. But you, you are not at all like them.

    If you are just another SEC asshole, then there is just no hope for you.

    I'll say it again... 2007 Outback Bowl, 2010 Capital One Bowl, pal.