September 7, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Week 2 Rough Draft

Nick will be back tomorrow with his final week 1 ballot. For now, let us know your thoughts on the rough draft. It's a weird week, with the Monday games yesterday. Normally, you'll see this rough draft done by Nick on either Sundays or Mondays, with his final ballot on Wednesday mornings.

Things got very interesting this week, but how can you really move teams when the competition is so pathetic? At least after this upcoming weekend, we'll have some real games to work with.

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  1. Looks pretty good except I would have Oregon ranked ahead of Florida and Oklahoma after the way they decimated New Mexico.

  2. Nick had Florida pretty high last week, so I'm not sure how far down he will end up dropping them. The Gators had only 26 yards of total offense by the third quarter. I don't care how fluky the game was, that's pathetic.

  3. Weird that Pitt is in, but Utah is out. Also weird that Oregon State, who gave TCU all they could handle on the road is lower than Pitt.

  4. @Donald - yeah, we kind of threw this week's together. With the holiday and all, we got outta whack. Normally, Nick will be in charge of doing our ballots, which the rough drafts should be posted late Sundays or Mondays, and the final ballots on Wednesday mornings. Don't worry about Utah, as long as they win next week, they'll get their due credit from us...