September 20, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Week 4 Rough Draft Ballot

It took us a few weeks, but we've finally got the BlogPoll standing up straight and hair combed. A few notes about this week's ballot, big drop for Iowa, of course, not particularly high on Texas or Oklahoma after this past weekend, but still too early to move them. Increasing interest in Oregon, Nebraska and Stanford, could be big movers in the future - sorry about last week Arizona, I went with Sparty instead of you to finish out the poll expecting an Iowa victory that didn't pan out the way I imagined at the time. Here are the Top 25 as I have them with schedules and offensive yards gained/defensive yards surrendered in parentheses. Questions, corrections, suggestions and objections are always welcome.

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  1. Did not at all expect Iowa to get smacked around like that at Arizona... it was just horrid to watch. As much as I hate the Hawkeyes, I wanted them to beat everyone out of conference, for obvious reasons.

  2. i feel the same way mike except for......... when you get sacked 4 times "IN A ROW" you may have deserved to lose!, i would like to think after the 2nd sack or hey, even better, after the 3rd sack you would either roll out of the pocket an atleast try to find a someone to throw too or take a time-out and tell the coach you suck. I love Penn State but if Bolden did that very same thing i would definately have alot of hate for him.

  3. @teerup - yes, it took "Stanziball" to a whole new level in that series. Funny, now he doesn't even have to actually throw the ball to play Stanziball.

    Stanford should be higher, too. But if there is one team I'm cooling on very, very quickly, it's Michigan. Yes, they have OMGSHOLACZ, but 37 points to UMass? Last-second TD to beat Notre Dame? OMGSHOLACZ has accounted for something like 90% of the ENTIRE OFFENSE this year. That's not exactly comforting if your a UM fan.