September 20, 2010

Penn State extends Temple series for 3 more years

Penn State announced today a three game extension of its current seven game series with the Temple Owls, with games planned for 2014, 2015 and 2016. This is a decent move by Penn State, as Temple is definitely a program on the rise, also providing an in-state "rival" in a major metropolitan media market (Philly).

Our buds at Nittany White Out had a great rundown of the entire Temple-Penn State history, also explaining how even though this is turning into a rivalry in the technical sense, actual competitiveness in the series will probably continue to be faint at best:
"Alot of Temple fans are optimistic and deservedly so. Temple wins have steadily increased during Al Golden’s tenure. But it just doesn’t look good for them against Penn State. Penn State has outscored Temple 154 to 9 in the last 4 games in this series. To call this a rivalry would really be using the term loosely. But there is still hatred there. I’ve traveled to Temple in 2007 for the game at the Linc and many Owl fans really despise the Lions (can’t understand why)."
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