October 8, 2010

Big Ten Blogger's Pick'em: Week 6

Week 6 rolls on and Linebacker-U has slipped to a disappointing tie for 10th. We’ll have to right the ship this week although we are only 4 points behind the lead and the tough games have yet to be played. Last week we all missed Michigan State's heroics against Wisconsin but nailed the others. This week is more of the same as we all agree yet again.

Last Week
Galen: 3-1
Tim: 3-1
Mike: 3-1

Galen: 38-6
Tim: 37-7
Mike: 37-7

LB-U: 32 - 4: 10th

DateVisitor @ HostTime,TVGalenTimMikeLB-U
10/09/10Indiana @ Ohio State12PM, ESPN
10/09/10Minnesota @ Wisconsin12PM, BTN
10/09/10Michigan State @ Michigan3:30PM, ABC
10/09/10Purdue @ Northwestern7:30PM, BTN

Random Commentation

Wisconsin is seething after blowing last week's game to Michigan State. The Badgers were supposed to be legit this year, and while the Spartans are looking great, MSU committed enough turnovers that Wisconsin should have been able to pull out the win. I feel bad for Minnesota, but the Gophers have no one but themselves to blame. Michigan State offers up the first decent defense the Wolverines will face all season long, and I really like guys like Greg Jones to smack the dreads right off Denard Robinson's head. The over/under for Michigan State rush yards starts at 280. Ohio State against Indiana is obvious, even though the Hoosiers look fantastic on offense. The Buckeyes defense is light-years ahead of Michgian's D. I was tempted to pick Purdue, because frankly, the Boilers always beat one team they shouldn't. Northwestern barely edged Minnesota last week, by literally the closest margin possible (one point). Still, the 'Cats aren't nearly as banged up as Purdue, which is playing without some of its best offensive weapons.

Indiana may put some points on the board but their defense will be shredded by OSU and Minnesota doesn't stand a chance against a pissed off Wisconsin. This may be the year that Michigan State gets Michigan but for some reason I still think MSU has little brother syndrome. Even so I'm picking MSU simply because they are on a streak. I would have picked Purdue if they weren't the football equivalent of a car running on three spare doughnut tires and you know you can't go fast on those thing and won't be long until they pop under pressure.

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