October 25, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Week 9 Rough Draft

Our week nine draft ballot. Some good movement this week. Mizzou gets its due respect for beating a No. 1 team--though, who isn't beating a No. 1 team these days? Also riding the Tiger wave, Illinois snuck into our ballot this week! The Illini have been playing lights out very well since the Ohio State loss. But are they for real? We'll surely find out. Comments, suggestions, polite insults? Have at it...

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  1. Definitely ahead of the curve on the Illini's valuable losses. I feel like there are slightly better teams with more valuable wins and less losses, but it's an interesting pick nonetheless.

    Also, the loss to MSU wasn't exactly lights out in Illini's favor, but I guess you could counter with them also holding MSU to a season low in points scored.

  2. @FA - You're right that the MSU loss wasn't a great game. But watching it from the start, Illinois was giving MSU a rough time for the first 30 minutes. The Mizzou win over OU--as overrated as OU may have been--really ticks up the Illini stock this week, along with Ohio State's destruction of Purdue. If the Illini don't deserve to be in the top 25, I'm sure they'll show us soon enough. Thanks for the comment. (btw, I didn't do the ballot. Nick does it each week.)