October 28, 2010

Chaz Powell may start at corner vs Michigan

Nate Bussey scuffles with Chaz Powell
Chaz Powell may start at corner this weekend,
replacing Stephon Morris.
(Photo: Mike/LBU)
Word has come out of practice this week that Chaz Powell will get the start at cornerback, opposite D'Anton Lynn, this week when Michigan comes to town. Sean Fitz, Lions247:
"...the recently switched Chaz Powell will get the start at corner this week opposite D'Anton Lynn. Stephon Morris obviously had a poor tacking performance against Minnesota last weekend, so he's not getting the start. Will check in to see what the nickel package will be this weekend."
You have to think this is a real wake-up call for Stephon Morris. I don't think at all that Powell will start and play the whole game in place of Morris. Powell may start, but Morris could end up playing 80 percent of the snaps. But losing your starting job is a big deal to players, especially at positions like corner where lineups aren't typically changed often (ex. DL, WR).

Some of the message board folks (247, FOS, BWI) are already freaking out like it's the end of the world. But what else do you expect from that lot?

This move is nothing more than Joe Paterno actually following through with his threat that every position is up for grabs this season. It's about frickin' time. And honestly, I can't believe that fans are upset that Paterno and his staff are trying to get the best, hungriest players out on the field.

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  1. The difference between a 4-yard gain and an 80-yard TD with Robinson is a missed tackle/bad angle. We need our best tackling team out there and if Morris isn't tackling he shouldn't be playing in this game

  2. Powell is faster than Morris. 'Nuff said.