October 31, 2010

Photo Gallery: Penn State 41, Michigan 31

This game was just as much fun to shoot as it was to watch. For a few plays here and there, I found myself completely reverting back into fan-mode. Just after the first touchdown, my heart was racing, the crowd was going nuts, and the thought first crossed my mind: "Penn State may actually pull this off tonight."

As always, I will add in more photos as the weekend closes out, and probably more on Monday. So don't think this is all I have.

I will say this right off the top, though it may not have been the biggest play of the night, my absolute favorite photo in this set is of Joe Suhey hurdling Stefen Wisniewski on a screen pass. It just screams "Penn State football." Enjoy...

(*use the scrolling arrows on either side of the photos)

Ok, maybe the Michigan fan flipping off the Penn State crowd was a good one, too.

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, the Suhey photo was a great one Mike, good job.