October 21, 2010

Poll: Bowl or no bowl for Penn State?

Evan Royster breaks away from Amara Kamara
Will Evan Royster finish his Penn State career
without a final bowl appearance?
(Photo: Mike/LBU)
This isn't a hair-on-fire reaction to Penn State's rather disappointing 3-3 record, with only one, maybe two winnable games left on the 2010 schedule. But it seems like a good time to gauge some fan base attitude towards the Nittany Lions' chances of reaching a bowl game this post-season.

So the question today is whether you think Penn State can actually pull out three more wins and go bowling. Coming off of a bye week, with some injured players returning to the lineup, and hopefully something resembling a sense of optimism on the team, the Nittany Lions could be poised for a nice run before the big trip to Ohio State on Nov. 13.

Still, that would require taking care of business against Minnesota this week, beating Michigan under the lights, and avoiding a letdown against Northwestern after that. It's a tough task, but could it happen? You tell* us...

Will Penn State reach bowl eligiblity (6 wins) in 2010?

*There was a mix-up in the poll. If you voted between 6:30 a.m. and 7:50 a.m., please log your votes again. Thanks.

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