November 26, 2010

Big Ten Blogger’s Pick’em: Week 13

We're rolling down the home stretch and like any hard fought competition the cream rises to the top when it's crunch time. Linebacker-U went a perfect 5-0 last week thanks to the prognostication skills of yours truly. While Tim and Mike were playing the role of statistical outlier (each losing one game) I went a perfect 5-0 and kept sanity alive. All this means we'll fall flat on our faces this week and make me sound like the blowhard I am. Picks after the jump.
Last Week
Galen: 5-0
Tim: 4-1
Mike: 4-1
Tim: 63-16
Mike: 63-16
Galen: 64-15
LB-U: 65 – 14:
DateVisitor @ HostTime, TVGalenTimMikeLB-U
11/27/2010Indiana @ Purdue12 PM, BTN
11/27/2010Michigan @ Ohio State12 PM, ABC
11/27/2010Iowa @ Minnesota3:30 PM, BTN
11/27/2010Northwestern @ Wisconsin3:30 PM, ABC

Random Commentation

The only game that's truly a reach here is the Indiana call over Purdue. The Boilers looked good at Michigan State, while Indiana is nearing 0-8 in the Big Ten this season. All things point to Purdue, but I'll say the Hoosiers pull this one out. Ohio State, Iowa and Wisconsin will all roll over their opponents--Michigan's defense is terrible, Northwestern is without its best player, and Minnesota is Minnesota. Of course, you'll see our PSU predictions shortly.


The Big Ten has been Schizophrenic this season, but this week is one of the most obvious weeks to predict. Michigan will get bitch-slapped by the Buckeyes, Northwestern gets a Wisconsin team that is rolling and they don't have their best player, and Minnesota is just thankful the end of the season is finally here. That leaves the Big Ten pillow fight that is Indiana at Purdue. Really this game is a total tossup I could see it going either way. I'm taking Purdue for the simple fact that they put up a good fight against Sparty last week and actually beat a couple Big Ten teams, unlike Indiana.


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