November 19, 2010

Blue & White Roundtable: the Hoosier edition

This week's Roundtable brought to you by William World News , high five to him. I'm sure the other guys will be along for the ride anytime so be sure to check them out. Onward…
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QB Matt McGloin is starting for the Nittany Lions again this Saturday. Is there anything he can do in the next two games to establish himself as the frontrunner for next season or will it be an open competition no matter what? 

Oh it will most certainly be open competition come springtime. I think Paterno will leave it "open" in the sense that he will let all four* quarterbacks compete early in spring but he'll narrow it down to two and my bet is McGloin and Bolden. Don't forget Paul Jones will be in the mix after a year of learning the system, but I think Bolden and McGloin have a leg up on the rest.

The Indiana Hoosiers have lost every Big Ten game they have played this season. They have lost by 7 to Michigan, 28 to Ohio State, 30 to Illinois, 3 to Northwestern, 5 to Iowa and 63 to Wisconsin. Is there anything that scares you about them? 

Yes there is, they have a good offense and Penn State will be without their best defensive player (Michael Mauti). The Lions will need to score points and establish a running game if they don't want a shootout. Time of possession will be crucial in this game, if Indiana is anywhere near Penn State in TOP it's going to be scary.

Penn State is generally lethargic in road games with early kickoffs. Will playing a mere 200 miles from home with a Penn State crowd fire them up more than usual? 

No, they don't get fired up at home so the proximity to Happy Valley won't help. We all know that Indiana fans will be in the minority Saturday, Penn State always travels well and being so close to home will get plenty of Nittany Lion fans in the seats, but I don't think it will prevent the inevitable: Penn State always comes out slow at noon starts.

Saturday's game at FedEx Field is the first of several games along the I-95 Corridor this decade. Will you be be there? If yes, why? If not, why not?

No. I don't go to Penn State home games so why pay the extra money to travel to FedEx? Not to mention, while this could turn out to be a good game, it's by no means a good matchup.

Quick hits
Was going for it on 4 and 1 at the 20 yard line the right decision against Ohio State? 
Yes, it was refreshing to see Joe take some chances in a game he was outmanned. 
How many times will Bill Lynch throw/spit out his gum? 
I'll go with 3.
Does Rob Bolden see any playing time this week? 
Yes I think Joe wants to give him meaningful playing time to keep him sharp. 
Does Silas Redd make the trip after his 4 a.m. "adventure" this past weekend? 
Come on, I've pissed more times in public then I can count. 
Will Sean Stanley play at all again in 2010? 
Stanley, however, is a different story. He should not have been drinking a day before Ohio State.

*I highly doubt Newsome, McGloin, Jones, and Bolden will ALL be back next season, someone is going to transfer.


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