November 17, 2010

Fox gets Big Ten Championship Games thru 2016

This is not exactly a shocker, since Fox owns 49 percent of the Big Ten Network. From the Big Ten, in an announcement today:
"The Big Ten Conference has reached a media agreement with FOX Sports to serve as the official broadcast partner of the 2011-16 Big Ten Football Championship Games. The inaugural Big Ten Football Championship Game will be played in prime time on December 3, 2011, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis..."
Fox does a fantastic job with the Big Ten Network. But it absolutely butchered the BCS Bowl Games from 2006 thru last season. So I'm going to hold my breath on this one until we see more details, like broadcast teams and whether the presentation will look more like the BCS games previously on Fox, or more like the Big Ten Network. We'll see.

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  1. Too bad PSU will not be participating!

  2. Why not Mr. Kumpf?

  3. MWeaver,

    He won't answer he's what's known as a troll.

    He's a very unsuccessful one but one nonetheless.