November 2, 2010

Joe Paterno Press Conference Recap:
400/Northwestern Week

Joe Paterno sideline
It's a big week for Joe Paterno,
and Penn State football. (Photo: Mike/LBU)
Here's the rundown from today's press conference, JoePa-style.
  • The quarterback position is wide open again. Though, this time it sounds (from what JoePa said) like it's only between Matt McGloin and Rob Bolden. A two-quarterback system is being considered, but nothing is set in stone.
  • Chaz Powell played well, but still needs work. Stephon Morris is still a good corner, and will play again, but he will have to compete with Powell for the starting roll this week. They'll both play, regardless of what happens. 
  • The defensive line is getting better. But the injuries have been tough on the young unit. Jack Crawford hasn't practiced yet, but he may have done something this afternoon (after the press conference). Crawford and Eric Latimore haven't done anything since the Illinois game or (Jack) before. 
  • Northwestern quarterback Dan Persa is from Pennsylvania, but Joe Paterno and his staff decided not to recruit him. He's a good quarterback, good student, and has been the difference for Northwestern this season.
  • Matt McGloin did play with a lot of enthusiasm. Joe likes that. They had a good practice as a team last week, and were feeling pretty good all week. Joe likes the way the team overall is improving.
  • Between McGloin and Bolden, overall, there isn't much difference. Each does one or two things better than the other. They both have to be ready this week. 
  • Bolden was progressing nicely before his injury. No one (McGloin) has definitely beat him out of a job as starting quarterback.
  • Bolden is probably over his concussion now. He played well in practice, but it was a light practice on Monday. He was ready to play last week, but Joe and the doctors wanted to take it easy. There was no sense in risking Bolden's long-term future, by playing against Michigan. 
  • Every question about 400 win, Joe batted them away. 
  • Pat Fitzgerald (NW head coach) is a good guy, great competitor, and has a really good thing going on in that program. Joe is impressed by Pat as a person and as a coach. 
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  1. His press conferences are a joke, he reminds me of my crazy old uncle that everyone avoids at family functions!

    This team is going to finish 7-5 or 6-6, the current state of recruiting is horrible, is Galen Hall eligible for social security like Joe?

  2. Man I love the internet, what would it be without trolls?

  3. Isn't it fantastic how all people like him can do is make fun of Joe and Galen's ages?

  4. Don't forget the poop jokes, they're always a fan favorite. Remember: poop = I so clever!