November 4, 2010

LBU Video: Team Aisle 'Rock & Roll'

The Blue Band version of the Hey Song is "Rock & Roll," and is the song usually played while the band is in "Team Aisle" before the team runs out from the tunnel. Most fans probably just think of it as the "Let's Go PSU!" song. Anyway you know it, it's one of my favorite cheers during a Penn State game, for the sheer fact that--besides the "We Are..." cheer--the entire stadium is fully engaged in one single cheer.

Add in the night game White Out factor, and you have one heaping portion of awesomeness...

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  1. Very cool video Mike. Thanks for sharing!

    I got a couple nice videos of the closing moments on video as well. It was a fun night. Great atmosphere.

  2. My favorite part is at 00:38, when the crowd gets to the "Lets... Go... P.S.U." part of the cheer. Notice how much louder and in-sync the entire stadium gets. It's really powerful stuff.