November 1, 2010

Penn State's latest Quarterback Controversy, courtesy of the Media

Yes, Matt McGloin was simply awesome.
Matt McGloin was phenominal in Penn State's 41-31
win over Michigan, but so was the rest of the offense.
(Photo: Mike/LBU)

There is no way for one second I won't tell you that McGloin didn't play the best game this season by a Penn State quarterback.

But I also won't tell you that I think McGloin should start against Northwestern just because of what he did Saturday night.

This will not be a long rant on the quarterback situation. Whoever starts this week against the Wildcats will do fine, and if Penn State loses, it will most likely be the fault of the entire team, not just the quarterback.

Before diving into the all-knowing main stream punditry, let me preface it with a few major points to keep in mind:

  • C'mon people, Michigan's defense was and continues to be the worst defense in the Big Ten. Ben Chappell threw for almost 500 yards, while it made teams like UMass (FCS) look formittable.
  • This team overall is better now than it was. Stick McGloin in against Alabama, Iowa or even Illinois (which now looks like an upper-half bowl team), and tell me he would have saved the day against those defenses.
  • Uh, Evan Royster, remember him? I would venture to bet if Bolden had a running game like Penn State produced Saturday night, he would have had an easier time against the first seven opponents, too.
  • Emotion. It happens at night, in front of 108k, during a White Out, against Michigan. With all the praise for McGloin's enthusiasm and how it rubbed off onto the team so much, I think some forget the environment and circumstances surrounding the game. If this team couldn't get excited during this game, not even a direct shot of adrenaline to the heart could have saved it.
There are more, but I don't want to sound too much like the "Debbie Downer" this week. I love McGloin. He deserves every bit of credit. If the coaches feel Bolden should sit next week, I won't have any doubts that McGloin can lead the offense. But can we please temper the wild "AH HA!" proclaimations that McGloin was the missing piece to this year's team? Penn State, the team, played a practically perfect football game Saturday night. Don't dilute that by ignoring the fact that there were 23 other starters who did a damn fine job to beat Michigan, too.

Because, you know, these guys have all won 399 football games, too--

Rich Scarcella, Reading Eagle:
Although Minnesota and Michigan have two of the worst defenses in the nation, the Lions have found new energy on offense with McGloin.
Nate Mink, The Collegian:
Conventional thinking says this has to be discussed amongst the staff. Mac’s been equally as impressive in his two cameo appearances as Bolden has been in half a season’s work. Granted, McGloin’s gone up against two of the worst defenses in the Big Ten but did his job.
Mike Poorman,
Hostetler and Blackledge. Cooper and Hufnagel. Shaffer and Knizner. Senneca and Mills. Anything involving the Saccas, etc., etc. You know what to do. But in case you’d like some advice, here goes: Start Matt McGloin. Or, as you call him, Mac.
Ron Musselman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
With McGloin at the controls, Penn State's offense didn't commit a turnover in a game for the first time all season and was six of seven in the red zone with five touchdowns.
Joe Juliano,
Just as important, the Lions (5-3, 2-2 Big Ten) played with energy and enthusiasm, two traits that describe McGloin. Whether it was his leadership or the fact that it was a night game against a rival in front of more than 108,000 fans at Beaver Stadium, the home team showed plenty of spirit, something it had been lacking for much of the season.

Jeff Rice, CDT:
What had to be encouraging for those in the Penn State camp, and the rowdiest home crowd of the season, was that the Nittany Lion offense, even with (or because of?) a backup quarterback at the controls, showed that it could keep pace in a fun, wide-open, offense-dominated game. The wide receivers got open and Matt McGloin found them. The offensive line opened holes and Evan Royster ran through them (and bounced off or ran through a lot of bad tackles, too). No one on the offense committed a penalty or a turnover.

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  1. I absolutely 100% agree with all your comments. Bolden would have had the same game if not even better.

  2. I agree except in football you play 11 people not 12 so it would be 21 other starters.

  3. @Anon #2 -- You probably won't even come back to read this, since you didn't include your name. But I was talking about the specialists, too. Collin Wagner and Anthony Fera played a huge role in the win, so it comes to 24 starters, including the two kickers.

  4. I am comment #2 and I love your site here, but really the kicker and punter? Why not count the long snapper in there too? You make no mention of the kicker or punter in the whole article. I would have accepted an answer of it was a type more than i but this arguments.

    But keep up the good work.

  5. Nothing to do with the QB. The O-line finally played with nasty intent. If the O-line continues the play this way, then Bolden will rip Northwestern. The running game kicked in to, again due the O-line play. Basically Jaypa could of been the QB and had a day like that. It always comes down to the O-line and how they play.

  6. @karl - That's right. Everyone was bashing the O-line all season long, saying how it was the biggest problem. But now after a win like this, it's somehow not a major story how well the line performed. McGloin was hardly touched the entire game. He was pressured maybe three or four times, sacked once. But how many times did he drop back with enough time in the pocket to take a nap.