December 3, 2010

Big Ten Blogger’s Pick’em: Week 14

The regular season winds down with only one game left on the Big Ten docket. Of course what would be the point of us just picking one meaningless game so we decided that it would be a lot more fun to take a poke at the conference championships as well, because we all know you are betting big bucks in Vegas on our wonderful prognostication skills right? RIGHT?!?! Ok, never mind.

Last Week
Galen: 3-2
Tim: 2-3
Mike: 3-2
Mike: 62-17
Galen: 62-17
Tim: 61-18
LB-U: 62 – 17: tied for 7th

DateVisitor @ HostTime, TVGalenTimMikeLB-U
12/3/2010Illinois @ Fresno St10:15, ESPN
12/3/2010N Illinois vs. Miami (OH)7PM, ESPN2
12/4/2010Auburn vs. South Carolina4PM, CBS
12/4/2010Oklahoma vs. Nebraska8PM, ABC
12/4/2010Florida St vs. Virginia Tech7:45, ESPN
12/4/2010SMU vs. UCFNOON, ESPN2

Random Commentation
I'm going with the home conference, Illinois gets the job done out west. As for the SEC title, I'm going all-out for the BCS meltdown, as South Carolina somehow gets Auburn to turn the ball over a few more times than usual, while QB Stephen Garcia and TB Marcus Lattimore go ape-shit on the Tigers' defense. Cam Newton will still have a great game, but the rest of the team will let him down. Oklahoma is a bit better off than Nebraska right now, though I still want to pick the Huskers. The Sooners have offensive firepower that Nebraska simply can't match, which will be the difference here. Florida State just came off a huge thrashing of Florida, but it was the worst Florida team since Ron Zook was head coach... yeah. Virginia Tech is the hottest team you're not paying attention to, while Florida State is still learning how to deal with major success once again. Plus, give VT a home-field advantage in Charlotte, NC. Northern Illinois will blast Miami(OH), while UCF is an experienced program that knows how to win titles.

I think Illinois has something to prove against Fresno and I've liked Nebraska all season long, no time to start switching around now. I'll take the speed of Florida over the religious fanatics and always bet on Florida State. Why? Because they cheat and if ya ain't cheatin' ya ain't tryin'. I'll also take Miami (of the Ohio variety) for no specific reason which leaves the SEC championship. I'll take South Carolina for no other reason than Karma's a bitch and Cam deserves bitch-slapped right about now.


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