December 22, 2010

On the 'Group Email' circulating about Joe Paterno

How much do we love internet gossip? Enough where an unverified, voraciously-meaty email has become the focus of every twitter account and message board the last 12 hours.

Joe Paterno
The chatter about Joe's retirement
is louder than ever. But does anyone actually
know what they're talking about?
(Photo: LBU/Mike)
What's hysterical about all this, is that I'm not the only one writing up a post just to say how nuts things are when it comes to the perpetual discussion of Joe Paterno's impending retirement:
Retirement rumors are a staple of the Penn State football beat, an ever-present slant that commentators with nothing substantial to discuss pursue relentlessly. Just like I am about to…
Talk about summing up everything we're reading on the internet these days, huh? I have to shamelessly agree with that sentiment, but also with the idea that this time, things seem different.

As you've probably already heard, there has been an email circulating--supposedly generated out of the Allentown area--with tons of claims about Joe's health and the inner workings of the search for another head coach.

While I have a copy, I'm not going to repost it here. But I will say that there is a lot of "No, seriously this time, guys..." kind of stuff in it. From Joe having severe health issues, to a certain Super Bowl winning head coach being the main prize for the athletic department, to players publicly talking about how bad things are getting.

Some of it I find tough to believe is 100 percent accurate. But other parts don't seem all that far-fetched.

I'll admit that I've always supported the idea that Joe can coach until he wants to leave, and no one else could tell him otherwise. But if his health is as bad as it has looked--from his constant battles with illness (6-week colds, issues in his guts), to the slurred speech, to completely embarrassing himself on the radio interview which won't be linked to here--I'm having an even tougher time thinking it's not time for him to realize he has two choices: 1. Get away from the media; 2. Retire.

I could seriously care less about what is going on behind the scenes, as long as it stays behind the scenes. But the very public display of what looks to be a deteriorating health situation is turning the mood around the program almost as sour as Florida State before Bobby Bowden was shown the door.

Let's hope things are resolved soon. Doesn't matter if Joe stays or goes. Just as long as the team is headed in the right direction. It all could be set in motion the next few hours or days, depending on what the assistant coaches like Tom Bradley and Ron Vanderlinden--both interviewed at Temple last week--decide to do.

Until then, take it easy on Twitter, folks. If you think it's bad out there now, just wait. It will surely get much worse real soon.

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  1. Tony Dungy or Jon Gruden?

  2. Bill Cowher?

  3. here is the short-list:

    1)Gary Patterson – TCU
    2)Chris Petersen –Boise State
    3)Greg Schiano – Rutgers
    4)Randy Edsall – Connecticut
    5)Tony Dungy

  4. Ibleedblueandwhite12/22/2010 3:22 PM

    No NFL coaches! Has there been one besides Pete Carrol who has been successful at the college level recently? And would you really want the baggage that comes with Carrol's success? Just the thought of a pro coach walking the sidelines at Beaver Stadium makes me shudder. They've all had any sense of risk taking and playing to win burned out of them by the pressures, "parity" and fickleness of the pros.

  5. I think Dungy would be perfect. Frankly, I was pulling my hair out over loosing out on Al Golden until I found out that Dungy is being targeted. Beyond his ability as a coach on the field -- which will land his bust in Canton in the near future -- Dungy has an outstanding reputation off the field. Add to that his Pennsylvania roots, and I think we've found our man.

  6. Ibleedblueandwhite, the NFL coach Mike refers to, and is the topic of much of the circulated email, is Tony Dungy. Luckily, the way you stereotyped former NFL coaches does not describe Dungy at all. If anyone could escape the JoePa shadow once he goes it would be a guy like Dungy who has already built his own legacy. Plus, he would ensure the continuation of strong character throughout the program.

    The email says there is mutual interest between Penn State and Dungy. While no one could home the part about Joe's health is true, I sure hope the part about Dungy is.

  7. Dungy would actually come very close to what Joe Paterno did with the team. Dungy is a devout family man. I was listening on the radio (down here in DC) and they were talking about how Dungy would actually force his assistant coaches to go spend time with their families during the NFL game weeks, something most NFL coaching staffs never do.

    If PSU goes NFL, then Dungy would be a very nice pick.

  8. I feel Dungy would be a great pick. He would keep Penn State Football a family affair and respect the history before him. He is a class act and would continue the academic integrity Paterno has always put first.

  9. If it's an NFL coach IMO only Dungy or Cowher fit what PSU wants/needs. Personally I am wishing for a Chris Petersen/Brad Stevens "Double Play" as it is obvious that a change is needed at the Bryce Jordan Center.

  10. This is the email that I got on Wednesday about Noon from a reliable source - "Make sure you all watch the bowl game on 1/1 - we just got word that this is his last game and they are actively looking for a new head coach for next season. Sue Paterno is chartering a plane for the whole family to go down and watch it. He's been having mini-strokes. Tony Dungy is interested in the position, apparently. I'll pass on more when I have it."

  11. I would hope for a coach from in-house. Personally I have always liked Scrap for the job.

  12. I don't care who gets the job as long as they get rid of Jay