December 6, 2010

Outback Bowl '11: Matt McGloin will start at QB

2010 Penn State vs Michigan State
F- it, let's go deep! Right?
(Photo: Mike/LBU)
Joe Paterno confirmed today what many had expected, that Matt McGloin will be Penn State's starting quarterback in the 2011 Outback Bowl.
"I think that Matt is the quarterback. Now the other kid has a lot of ability but he is a true freshman in the truest sense of the word- he wasn't even here for spring practice. He came in and unfortunately we had to start him a few games early until the other kid (Rob Bolden) started to show some promise. I think we are all right at quarterback. We are not great. We have had some problems with our offensive line early but we are getting a little bit better. I think that Matt has done a good job for us."
This isn't surprising, but it's definitely good to get it out of the way now. For all the pushing I've done for Rob Bolden to be the starter, I'd rather just see a deliberate confirmation like this that McGloin is the guy.

I'll have a meatier post tomorrow on Paterno's teleconference. It was pretty brief, but there were some neat things said.

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