December 31, 2010

Outback Bowl '11: Penn State to wear home uniforms

(Photo: PSU/Tony Mancuso)
Maybe you knew this, maybe not. But in case you're wondering, Penn State will wear its home blue and white uniforms for tomorrow's Outback Bowl.

Florida will be debuting a not-very-fancy NIKE Pro Combat uniform, which is really no different than an all-white version they have worn in the past.

Penn State has done an incredible job winning bowl games under Joe Paterno. So good, in fact, that it really doesn't matter what uniform Penn State wears. The Nittany Lions will probably win, regardless.

Through my impeccable researching skills, I've dug up which uniform Penn State has worn in every bowl appearance since beginning Big Ten football play in 1993.

BowlPSU UniformResult
2010 Captial OneHome/BlueWon
2009 RoseAway/WhiteLost
2007 AlamoAway/WhiteWon
2007 OutbackHome/BlueWon
2006 OrangeAway/WhiteWon
2003 Capital oneHome/BlueLost
1999 AlamoAway/WhiteWon
1999 OutbackHome/BlueWon
1998 CitrusAway/WhiteLost
1997 FiestaHome/BlueWon
1996 OutbackAway/WhiteWon
1995 RoseAway/WhiteWon
1994 CitrusAway/WhiteWon

So, if you want to think it means something that two of three losses came while wearing the away white uniforms, go right ahead. But considering Penn State has a 0.770 winning percentage in the last 13 bowl games, the Nittany Lions could wear anything they want.

Except white shoes.

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