December 20, 2010

Outback Bowl '11: Three stay home; Kevin Newsome transfer looking more likely

Kevin Newsome stiff arm
Kevin Newsome didn't join the team
this week in Tampa. (Photo: LBU/Mike)
Three underclassmen on Penn State's football team were left behind when the team traveled to Tampa this week for Outback Bowl preparations. This is according to Sean Fitz at
Sophomore quarterback Kevin Newsome, redshirt sophomore tight end Mark Wedderburn and true freshman offensive tackle Thomas Ricketts did not make the trip.
Fitz is saying that Wedderburn and Newsome are the likely departures from the team, as both--mainly Newsome--have already been the topic of transfer discussion around the interwebs.

Ricketts had to get his tonsils removed, so there isn't any negative angle to his absence from the team, other than we'll wish him a speedy recovery.

So this could be it for Newsome. We all had great hope and excitement for the kid from the Tidewater Region spurned Michigan for Happy Valley. Going from Daryll Clark's backup, to third stringer behind a true freshman and a walk-on, things haven't worked out for him at Penn State. And you hate to see any kid--particularly such a nice person like Newsome--have to leave.

If Newsome and Weddurburn do leave the team, it will be a loss no doubt. But here's to the best of luck for them both in their futures.

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  1. So much for all the effort I put into writing that post back in the preseason defending Newsome as the 'next Michael Robinson.' I wish him all the best, nonetheless.

  2. There's only one person to blame for this and that's the Quarterback coach, PSU never has anyone ready to take over, even when they are blowing someone out they keep the first string Quarterback in!!!