December 23, 2010

Penn State still has all its coaches. So now what, geniuses?

As far as anyone knows, by Tom Bradley and Ron Vanderlinden not leaving for Temple, Penn State will retain its staff for the foreseeable future. Will things stay put all the way though next football season? Probably, but not definitely.

Here are a few quick thoughts on the matter, as this entire situation we will promptly put on hold until anything new or more substantive comes up...

Larry Johnson, Sr.
Larry Johnson could be the
darkhorse* in this race.
(Photo: LBU/Mike)
  • Regardless of the rest of the staff members' actions following Joe's retirement/departure, Galen Hall and Dick Anderson will leave the program. That's been common wisdom for some time, and shouldn't be much of a problem. Penn State will need to get a good running backs coach and a new offensive line coach, unless there is some shifting of the offensive staff (Mike McQueary to QB coach?). But that's for an entirely different discussion. For the defensive staff, which has been the subject of late...
  • Whenever Joe steps down, provided it's between now and January 2011, Tom Bradley is promoted to head coach. Ron Vanderlinden replaces Scrap as defensive coordinator, while Larry Johnson, Sr. is willing to stay put coaching the D-line. LJS has been rumored to be done with coaching whenever he's done at Penn State. That's not my opinion, just what I've heard in a bunch of different places.
  • Bradley takes another job. Johnson becomes head coach. Vandy becomes defensive coordinator. The only hole would be a new D-line coach. But it's not unusual for the DC to coach a position, like Bradley does now with the corners. 
  • Bradley and Vandy exit. Johnson becomes head coach. A new DC is needed. 
  • Jay Paterno becomes... [as I choke on my own words].
  • An outside hire by Penn State. Then everything is up for grabs.
So what the hell does all of this mean, and what can we determine from it all?


If you don't hear from us the next few days, Happy Holidays all!

*No pun intended. So please don't go there.

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