December 5, 2010

This round of Big Ten expansion is over

The Big Ten sent out word this afternoon that its active search for new conference members is over, but did leave the door slightly ajar for possible future expansion.
"During today’s meeting it was decided that it was appropriate to focus completely on conference affairs at this time. “We have been thoroughly engaged in the process since last December,” said COP/C Chair and Indiana University President Michael McRobbie. “Following detailed discussions at today’s meeting, my colleagues and I can report that we believe that this process has reached its natural conclusion. We are pleased with the addition of Nebraska and look forward to working with our colleagues there in the years ahead.”

Although the conference will continue to monitor the intercollegiate landscape, it will not be actively engaged in conference expansion for the foreseeable future and does not expect to be proactively seeking new members."
So is the Big Ten actually done expanding? Well, no. It will never actually be finished, because we don't know how things will shake out in the years to come. TCU just joined the Big East, while there are still plenty of fruits to pluck (Notre Dame) out there for a few conferences. But for now, it looks like we won't have to trot out the Doomsday Clock anytime soon.

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