January 8, 2011

Penn State Beats Michigan State In Basketball (GOO PUNCH Edition)

I am kicking myself right now. I could have gone down to my local sports bar which is literally a 2-3 minute drive from my apartment and watched this game on the Big Ten Network. Alas, I let logic and reason dictate my decision today and decided to chill in my apartment and follow the game on my twitter feed, figuring that Sparty would eventually blow an inferior PSU team away.

Of course, Ed DeChellis and the senior quartet of Talor Battle, Jeff Brooks (and his amazing double-double of 17 points, 12 boards), DJ Jackson, and Andrew Jones had other plans. Each of the aforementioned four players carried the load scoring-wise by pitching in double digits in scoring each. Redshirt freshman Jermaine Marshall had his coming-out party, scoring 8 points and making a few great hustle plays...This win sort of makes up for losing to Sparty at Beaver Stadium for the first time in 45 years a couple of months ago, and we'll have further analysis either tonight or sometime tomorrow, hopefully from someone who actually watched the game. In the meantime, enjoy this fresh batch of Sparty upset-flavored Goo Punch. 

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