January 23, 2011

Shocker! PSU hockey will play in 'Pegula Ice Arena'

This has to have been one of the biggest surprises we've heard in a long time, right?
Penn State's Board of Trustees today approved the name of the University's future state-of-the-art, multi-purpose arena - "Pegula Ice Arena"- after donors Terrence M. and Kim Pegula. In mid-September, the University announced the Pegulas' $88 million gift, the largest private gift in Penn State's history, which was intended to fund the arena as well as help to establish an NCAA Division I men's hockey program.

Okay, so what did we expect, Penn State to just forgo a press release just because everyone and their mother knew the arena would be named after the Pegulas? Of course not. I just can't imagine there aren't a few smirks floating around as these puppies roll off the keyboard and out to the press.

Still, hockey will be big at Penn State. It's a good move by Penn State, regardless of your opinions on one entity basically buying an entire athletic program for the school. Obviously, Penn State wasn't going to say, "eh, no thanks." So we should be grateful that what has long been considered a potential hotbed for college hockey will finally get the chance to roar.

The arena will be completed and opened in 2013, and should play host to much more than college hockey, including what many anticipate to be a perfect location for Pens-Flyers rumbles.

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