February 12, 2011

LBU Video: 2003 Blue Band 'Gladiator' Show at Purdue

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Blue Band sousaphones Figure we could all use a little taste of college football in these dark days of February when there's NOTHING going on.

You are all aware of the somewhat infamous Gladiator video, debuted before the 2003 season opener. That original video still resonates with me, as it did with the Penn State fan base for years. The Gladiator soundtrack theme was so popular, the band eventually make a "chaser" (a short clip played during the game) out of it. You would recognize it when an opposing team faces third down. But do you remember the halftime show which spawned the Gladiator chaser?

The Blue Band's original show included three songs: Themes from Gladiator, The Pines of Rome, and Funiculì, Funiculà. It was first performed during halftime of the 2003 Kent State game. But I could only find the away-version of the halftime show, when the Blue Band (myself included) headed to West Lafayette. The halftime shows are shortened for away games, so Funiculì, Funiculà, was cut from the program. But we can still enjoy one of the Blue Band's classic halftime shows, and still one of my all-time favorites:

(Oh, and please try to ignore the horrendous lines...)

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  1. I remember that being the loudest show we ever played. I got specific compliments from Purdue fans saying that was the loudest half time show they'd ever heard.

  2. I remember being pissed that we used it on such a crappy game. I mean, seriously, Kent State?!?! Why didn't they use it against Ohio State for the night game? Didn't we use like Tower of Power or something? That show was okay, but not close to Gladiator.

  3. No, no, no! College football isn't about marching bands, its about playing songs on the p.a. system! Songs that were recorded before the student section was born, songs like Sweet Caroline, Livin' on a Prayer and Don't Stop Believing! College football games should sound like a karokee bar in a Holiday Inn!