March 21, 2011

Big Ten Hockey Conference is Official

Thanks to Penn State, the Big Ten finally has the tools to form what should be a powerful college hockey conference:
The Big Ten Conference today announced the intention to recommend the establishment of men’s ice hockey as an official conference sport, with The Pennsylvania State University one of the six institutions that would compete for the 2013-14 academic year.

Penn State is establishing NCAA Division I men’s and women’s hockey programs, with the first season of competition set for 2012-13. The Nittany Lions would join Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State and Wisconsin in vying for the Big Ten men’s ice hockey championship. Big Ten rules allow for a conference championship when six institutions sponsor a program in any given sport.
If I knew more about the inner working of college hockey, I'd surely have much more for you on this. But I do appreciate the benefit this will offer the Big Ten conference and Penn State.

While we're at it, does anyone out there interested in blogging PSU/BigTen hockey? Shoot me an email.

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