March 24, 2011

Curtis Drake breaks his left leg... again

Curtis Drake carries
Curtis Drake... more like Curtis "Break."
Oooh, too much? (Photo: LBU/Mike)
How easy would it have been to make that headline "Curtis Drake catches another 'break'"? Easy, I tell you. But I'm not feeling that cheesy tonight. Not matter what, this news about another Curtis Drake injury still sucks to the ump-teenth degree:
Penn State wide receiver Curtis Drake has suffered another serious setback in his effort to resume his career this spring.

For the second time in seven months, he has suffered a fractured left tibia in practice during a non-contact drill.

Drake, a redshirt sophomore, will miss the rest of spring drills and his status for the fall remains uncertain, a source confirmed Thursday night.
At least he's sure to get (if he wants) a 6th season of eligibility, should he in fact miss the 2011 season. This is the kind of medical hardship the NCAA usually grants to players. And you can bet that Joe Paterno and staff want to keep Drake around for as long as they can. He's a dynamic playmaker, as we saw glimpses of in 2009.

Also to note:
The source also said that former backup middle linebacker Michael Yancich, from Trinity High School, has been shifted to tight end.
So that may just offer up a huge hint as to what some of us speculated yesterday about the tight end position for this spring and fall.

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