March 2, 2011

Lions Lose Badly on Senior Night; APB Sent Out for Any and All Airborne Swine

Talor Battle and Penn State were steamrolled
by No. 1 Ohio State last night on Senior Night.
(Photo: AP/Yahoo!)
From the outset of the season, Nittany Nation adopted a new motto….Believe. They held onto a belief that this was a team of destiny. The students showed up in record fashion believing that they would finally see their belief become a reality.

Very quickly, however, the record-breaking student section realized that their destiny was one that they were all too familiar with, the NIT.

Ohio State clobbered Penn State, from start to finish. 82-61 the Buckeyes routed Penn State. It seemed PSU had a game plan of how to stop the most dominant Buckeye in Jared Sullinger, holding him to ten points.

However, somehow during the week of practice Ed forgot to mention that this was the number one team in the country, and have probably the best starting four players in the country to go along with Sullinger.

OSU guard Jon Diebler is the all time leading three-point shooter in Big Ten basketball history. Somehow, Ed never got that point across to his players. They certainly won’t forget that anytime soon.

Diebler lit up the nylon throughout the night, making 10 of 12 three pointers. Sure there were a few nice jumpers that Diebler made with a hand in his face, but he managed to get far too many open looks.

So now barring pigs flying, I mean Penn State winning the Big Ten Tournament, PSU will once again fall short of the NCAA Tournament and earn an NIT bid.

They still have Minnesota left on the regular season schedule, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a second. The only way this team has a real shot at the big dance is by winning the tournament next week.

And with a bench thinner than Talor Battle himself, I think we have a better chance at seeing pigs fly.

So the question remains, are you satisfied with another NIT bid. Or is it time for a change in the direction of the program in Happy Valley?

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  1. We had a good(?) run with ED, but I think since we probably won't be very good at all next season it is the perfect time for a change. I don't think anybody on this team came here for ED so I don't think losing recruits will be too big of a problem.

  2. You will fire him at the end of next year after they go 6-21 and might go winless in Big 10. Frazier has no one to pass to.

  3. If Taran Buie and Tre Bowman were in fact involved in that fight over SPD weekend, then I'm not sure there will be anyone BUT Tim Frazier left on the team next year.