March 25, 2011

Pete Massaro now injured (Updated: It's a knee)

2010 Penn State vs Temple-64
Pete Massaro (59) went down
this week to injury. It's the
second injury to a major player
this week alone.
You can't make this stuff up:
Penn State's starting defensive end was hurt in practice Friday, according to team sources. It is the program's second significant injury of the spring.
FOS goes on ($) with more, but what you see here was included in the teaser, which is all you really need to know. FOS wouldn't use "significant" if it wasn't so--otherwise it would be rather, um... you know.

Anyway, this SUCKS. Curtis Drake was a big loss for at least the spring. But Massaro had shown some flash of brilliance last fall, after of course missing 2009 due to an ACL tear in that year's Blue White Game. With another spring in the starting lineup, Massaro could have become something really special this fall. But as more comes out, it could be better than thought, or worse. Let's hope for the former.

Update: Bob Flounders revealed tonight that it's more specifically a knee injury. And worse...
"The extent of the injury is still to be determined but Massaro could miss the 2011 season."

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, this is less than good. It's not that Massaro was some sort of unstoppable force at DE, it's that he was probably the best of a bunch of less-than-great choices at the position.

    PSU was bad at DE last year. This ain't helping.