March 7, 2011

Welcome aboard, Jeff

Those of you out there who follow us on Twitter likely already knew this was coming, so we won't say it's "breaking news" or anything like that. But today we're proud to announce yet another fine addition to our team.

Readers, meet Jeff Junstrom.

It is uncertain whether Jeff was actually born in Nittany Lion clothing, but he has been a Penn State fan since the day he was born. The son of a Penn Stater, a college choice was a no brainer. After graduating from PSU in '05, he attended Pitt Law, graduating in 2009. He is married to a University of Michigan woman, which causes some contention one weekend out of the year. He lives in Pittsburgh, where he is an attorney in the oil and gas business by day.

Jeff has been writing about Penn State in one form or another for roughly three years. He is a staff writer at SBN Pittsburgh, and has also been seen on Black Shoe Diaries and in "We Are Penn State 2010", a Penn State preview magazine published by Maple Street Press. Jeff will be focusing on football recruiting and volleyball coverage at Linebacker-U; while he was never recruited to play football, he did letter in volleyball in high school, played recreationally in college, and was recently on the winning summer league team in the Pittsburgh Sports League.

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  1. For those of you not in the loop, Devon was kidding around. Google "Matt McGloin" and "Twitter Tantrum" and see what we're talking about.

    But seriously, glad to have Jeff aboard.