April 22, 2011

Friday Recruitin' Welcomes Jamil and Jarron, Prefers Trudy to Pete

Greendale's finest.
After a week off (thanks, Mike!), I have returned to Friday Recruitin', and I promise not to disappoint. This week's Friday Recruitin' Babe, like last week's, comes to us from NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup. Stopping there, you'd have too many guesses as to whom I might have selected (if you weren't already looking at her picture and cheating). But this particular babe stole your heart as Mrs. Pete Campbell on AMC's Mad Men and hasn't looked back.

In my absence, Penn State got one real commit and one fake commit, though being on top for a five-star defensive tackle is pretty awesome. However, seeing as how they are all technically fake commits at this point, being on top for any of them is great. But I'm not ready to say "WOOOO JARRON JONES" just yet. This reeks of Dominque Easley; hopefully I'm wrong, but I'll feel a lot better after National Letter of Intent Day.

Now that spring practice is over, recruiting at a particular position is about to start heating up. With decisions looming for most, if not all, of the current PSU quarterbacks, the staff has been hesitant to extend offers to Class of 2012 quarterbacks. That should change once Rob Bolden and Kevin Newsome make their "will they or won't they" decisions. Names to keep an eye on are PA's Brendan Nosovitch, MI's Brian Blackburn, PA's Blake Rankin, and MD's Ian Fisher. I'm sure McQuery and company have more on their board, but I'd be willing to bet the first couple of QB offers will come from that group. PSU will likely only take one QB this class, so they can afford to be selective for a little bit.

As always, stay up to date with our 2012 Offer/Commit Sheet. Anyway, on with the show...

Recruiting News - Offers, Visits, and Other Information
  • A lot from mGo this morning, as TomVH is cranking out product like a Colombian drug mule. First, PA OL JJ Denman checks in, and claims a top five that includes both PSU and Michigan. Many feel it's just a matter of time before Denman (and fellow PA OL Chris Muller) end up in blue and white.
  • Next, Tom sits down with MA DB (and friend of PSU commit Camren Williams) Armani Reeves. There isn't too much PSU stuff in the interview, obviously, but Armani really seems to be keeping information close to the vest. That likely bodes well for PSU, but I'll wait, as Armani intends to take his time with his recruitment.
  • KY QB Zeke Pike picked $180K Auburn over Michigan. Pike was one of the highest rated QBs in the Class of 2012, and now the real recruitment within the SEC can begin.
  • Speedy athlete Ronald Darby committed to Notre Dame, thus ending the long lineage of short, dreadlocked speedsters on the Penn State team.
  • PA RB Greg Garmon beat cancer, and that already makes him a winner in my book. Reports long had Garmon (and the other stud PA running backs) heading somewhere not named Penn State, but the longer we stay on him, the better change we have. Nothing's over 'til it's over, right?
  • The inaugural mGo recruiting rankings are out, and Penn State places third. I would place them second or third, but since mGo only uses Scout's rankings, which inexplicably have Anthony Stanko and Jamil Pollard as three star players, what can you do? It's much better than last year when PSU was routinely in the basement (or close to it) in mGo's rankings.
  • Depending on how the offensive line shakes out, Penn State could be looking at a far-reaching commit down the line in CO OL Joey O'Connor.
Everything Else - Fun Links, Non-2012 Recruits, and Anything Else of Note
  • A relatively slow week ends in some Big Ten LOLing. Two articles written within days of each other by mGo and Eleven Warriors each refer to their team as Linebacker U. Silly Rabbit.
  • It appears as though former Dayton guard Juwan Staten is transferring to Penn State. Staten should replace lost soul Taran Buie nicely. And don't forget about Anthony Hubbard, who is apparently set to make his decision tomorrow.

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    1. I think Hubbard's out of PSU's plans because of his transcript.

      PSU better get to work on those '12 QBs. If you believe one of the Scout recruiting guys, there could be three current PSU quarterbacks jumping ship soon, not just two.

    2. I saw that report, but I don't buy it. McGloin isn't going anywhere. He's hit his ceiling and can only go down. Newsome is gone in my book, if not yet officially. That leaves the two prodigal sons. I don't see both leaving. Whomever makes a decision first may force the other's hand, but I don't see BOTH PJ and RB leaving.

      As for '12, I think we're in good position for what's left on the table. Nosovitch was recently graded a 90 by 247, and he would probably end up in blue/white with a modicum of effort. I'm not sure he's the first choice right now, but I wouldn't be upset if he's the one we take.

      There's always John Cabot.

    3. I doubt that reference on Scout had anything to do with McGloin. PJ transferring would be a Level 7 Nuclear Event, if only because he's an in-state kid with more eligibility than the others and he's been a quiet, good soldier so far.

      Newsome's gone. Everyone knows it. I still don't see how the Boldens vs. Paternos feud gets settled, but I suppose anything's possible. To me, best reasonable case scenario is McGloin, PJ, and Ham Sandwich for '11, with one or two QB's coming in the '12 class.

      I don't understand why PSU would be screwing around with delaying on Nosovitch, unless he wasn't as high on their board as some others.

    4. Oh it definitely wasn't about McG, but to cover all bases, I threw him in. He's got a long career of presiding over Scranton's annual St. Patrick's Day parade, but that's about it (except maybe a stint as clerk in Al Cohen's Discount Liquor Mall).

      I'm pretty sure the staff is delaying because there is a remote chance all four could stay. On that chance, only one QB is needed. If Quarterbackageddon hits, we'll probably take two.

      I'm fine with PJ, McG and ham sandwich in '11 if that's what it has to be. It's essentially starting fresh from '10 by establishing the "QB of the future." Bama in Week Two for a rookie QB AGAIN will be rough, but if that's what it takes to get PJ in the mix, OK. We said that last year and then the Hatfield/McCoy battle between the Boldens and Paternos happened.

    5. Oh, and Jarron Jones. I like that he seems to be staying within the region for his potential destination. Those schools don't concern me. Otherwise, I'd be skeptical of the soft-verbal.

      A regime change after the season would likely be a Jenga scenario, however. Which is a shame, because PSU actually seems to have their act together this year with recruiting, as opposed to last year.