April 29, 2011

Of Legends & Liars... and T-Shirts

(*I liked this headline better)

This would normally go as the lead for any Linkbacker U post, but since we don't do them on Fridays, and I'm only finding out about this now, it's just too good not to throw out a quick post about it.

Apparently, a staffer at the downtown State College apparel store The Family Clothesline was inspired by Jim Tressel... inspired to jab Mr. Sweatervest in brilliant fashion:
The Family Clothesline is selling a shirt that features on the front Penn State coach Joe Paterno’s distinctive black-framed glasses under the word “Legends.” On the back is a red sweater vest made equally famous by Tressel, under the label “Liars.” The shirt plays off the Big Ten’s new division names, Legends and Leaders.

Store floor manager Caroline Gummo said a staffer arrived at the idea for the shirt soon after Tressel was forced to admit last month that he knew some Buckeyes players were selling football awards and equipment in exchange for free or discounted tattoos in violation of NCAA rules, but kept quiet about it. Gummo said the T-shirt is “simple and gets to the point” about what many in other cities are feeling about Tressel.
Whoever that staff is deserves a raise, or at least a nice bonus for creating such a brilliant shirt.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

(HT: PennLive.com)

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