April 11, 2011

Linkbacker U is Pumping Quarters Into The Beaver Stadium Jukebox

Because What Beaver Stadium Sorely Lacks Are Drunken Sing-Along Songs

The official Penn State Football Facebook page is looking for music suggestions for this upcoming season. We here at LBU would love to hear Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man" so long as they don't have a buffoon pushing the buttons up there in the sound booth who pushes G8 instead of G7...

Better yet: How about letting the Blue Band play on a more regular basis? You know, because part of what makes a college football atmosphere better than the NFL is that live marching bands provide the soundtrack with their unique fight songs. Words cannot describe how frustrating it is to listen to other college football broadcasts, hear the band play consistently, and then listen to a PSU broadcast  and constantly hear Blur's "Song 2" played after every defensive play and "Zombie Nation" after every touchdown while the Blue Band is virtually non-existent. Not that Guido D'Elia or anyone in the Beaver Stadium brass seems to give two shits, though.

Robert Bolden Is Getting Vocal (Like a Boss)
ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg recently stopped by a practice at Holuba Hall and took note of Rob Bolden's newfound assertiveness:
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Shotgun snaps were becoming a problem during Penn State's scrimmage Monday at Holuba Hall. 
One, two, three, four snaps sailed away from quarterback Rob Bolden. When the offense huddled for the next play, Bolden had a message for his center. 
"He went right over and said, 'Hey, that's four. You better cut that out,'" quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno said. "[Bolden] would not have done that last year." 
A good sign, indeed, considering the knock on Bolden last year was that he was too quiet and lacked leadership. Let's just hope he's still around come August, because I cringe to think about Matt McGloin or an untested Paul Jones taking the reins.

More Jerry Sandusky Talk 

Russell Frank recently examined in a StateCollege.com article, whether the media jumped on the Jerry Sandusky story too soon instead of allowing the justice system to run its course.
Now let’s jump to a different stage of the process: the one where the grand jury concludes that there is enough evidence to charge Sandusky with a crime. His guilt or innocence has not yet been determined; he merely stands accused. Isn’t he innocent until proven guilty? Well, yes, but here the public interest in knowing must take precedence over the potential damage to the reputation of an innocent person, regrettable as that damage is. Imagine a society where people are thrown in jail, charged with crimes and prosecuted without anyone ever hearing about it. Imagine, in other words, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya. Reporting on crime, paradoxically, protects people accused of crimes by subjecting the cops and the courts to public scrutiny.
Whoa. Talk about hammering your point across by comparing the media' coverage of Sandusky to Moammar Gadhafi. It's like a psuedo-Godwin's Law in effect.

Meanwhile, In Non-Penn State Related News:

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