April 4, 2011

Linkbacker U. is Representin' McWestside

What do you expect? I don't have
my computer with Photoshop
right now, so MS Paint
is all we get today.
Who knew Scranton turf wars were this intense? Matt McGloin, that's who.
"Whenever he says where he's from, he says West Scranton, not Scranton," Mr. Meyers said of Mr. McGloin.

For Mr. McGloin's father, Paul, there's a pretty simple explanation for that.

"He loves West Scranton," Mr. McGloin said of his son. "It's a part of town where people care about each other and take care of each other."
Can't you just picture the amber waves of grain and purple mountains' majesty in the background?

This yellow journalism is not worth a link. Mark Madden wrote Madden: Sandusky a State secret for the Beaver County Times last night. The whole thing is just rancid garbage, but this particular passage caught my eye as truly unethical:

In 1999, Penn State was rid of Sandusky. His rep was unblemished, which allowed him to continue running a charitable foundation that gave him access to underage males. To be a volunteer assistant with a high school football team, thus gaining access to underage males.
What the f@ck was that?! "Gaining access to underage males," are words Madden consciously selected to publish? Did I miss something? Has the case even been brought to court? Or indictments handed down? Or charges filed? Or ANYTHING beyond an investigation to see if there is any case at all? I'm not a laywer. I'm not on Sandusky's side. What side I am on is the side of our system of justice. And that system of justice guarantees due process and innocence until proven guilty. Unfortunately, Madden isn't. At least, if I connect the dots as he so brilliantly did in his article, it just makes sense that he doesn't believe in the American system of justice. Besides, if he does know that Sandusky is guilty, why isn't he bringing this incontrovertible evidence to the investigators?

The authority on Penn State tailgating, PSUGirl announces that the 2 The Lion crew is revving up their Blue White Weekend preparations.

Talor Battle movin' on, hopefully to the NBA. I mean, the kid at least deserves a look, right? Ben at Victory Bell Rings highlights an invitational tournament that could go a long way to helping Battle reach his goal.

Just because they gave us some love, here's a Welcome to the Big Ten, Nebraska letter written by the PSU blogger at Off Tackle Empire. They included a certain video, highlighting a certain game, which had a certain 40-7 score. It was certainly awesome.

Update: USA Today has the money trail, for athletic departments. No time for a full post right now. But this is really interesting.

From the outer rim...

Wrapping up the HBO thing, Brian had a pretty good post at MGoBlog going after all sides of the arguments.

Damn, we have two Michigan blogs linked today. But I couldn't let this go unlinked in some way, shape or form.

Can make the grade up north? Why, the SEC is here for you, son! Former Ohio State receiver Duron Carter, son of Buckeye legend Chris, couldn't hack it in Columbus. So what's he up to now?
Cris Carter said Duron, who played at Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College last season after leaving Ohio State, plans to enroll at Alabama in June and will be academically eligible to play immediately.
Ah yes, The SEC: Where Ohio State flunk-outs go to be honor students. I once stopped at a red light in Columbus; they gave me a degree for it.

In even-more-psychotic-than-the-Old-South news, Texas and ESPN unveiled their new Longhorn Network branding. And it's, well, another reason college football is more corrupt than Texas politics.

(Sorry we were a bit tardy today with Linkbacker U. Think of this as the "Brunch Edition")

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