April 28, 2011

Spare a Couple of Bucks For Bama, Will Ya?

Given how friendly and hospitable the good folks at Alabama were to visiting PSU fans last September, plus the fact that 'Bama's region (along with a good portion of the South) has been devastated by today's tornadoes, Ben at Victory Bell Rings came up with a brilliant plan of getting the entire PSU blogosphere to make a collaborative effort in helping out Alabama in this time of need.

We were originally planning on recording our own version of We Are The World, but that idea was shot down rather quickly when we realized that if any of us had actual singing talent, we wouldn't be wasting our time blogging about Penn State sports. Thus, Ben set up a fund via Paypal, where you can donate here to the e-mail address blj5030@psu.edu

Also, if you're having reservations and are worried about being scammed, fear not, for Ben is an upstanding citizen who would never stoop so low. In fact, he's got the FAQ to prove it (below, copied directly from VBR):

Are you stealing my money?: No, Victory Bell Rings will post screen shots of the donation as it happens as well as confirmation messages.

Where is the money going?: Red Cross in the Mid Alabama Region you can read about it here.
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