April 1, 2011

Taran Buie Transfers to Iowa State

Well, this news certainly doesn't come across as shocking. Taran Buie had already used up his "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards with Ed DeChellis before getting indicted for his involvement in a brawl on State Patty's Day. Realizing the writing on the wall, Buie decided to bolt for greener pastures at Iowa State, where he will join former Nittany Lion Chris Babb and fellow Big Ten exiles Korie Lucious and Chris Allen (whom are both Michigan State transfers), leaving Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg one former Big Ten player short of fielding an entire starting lineup.

The Ames Tribune has further details on this recent development. We here at LBU wish Taran all the best and hope for his own sake, he is able to turn things around in Ames on the court and most importantly, off of it.

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  1. I was wondering what was going on with Buie. It's too bad, really, because he had potential to gro----HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

  2. It's Friday, Friday... Gotta get down on Friday!