May 12, 2011

Linkbacker U Says Goodbye to the Lemonade Guy, Hello to Ali Krieger

*Apologies for re-posting this article. As you may have heard, Blogger was down for a full day, and any posts published after yesterday morning went with it.

Beauty AND athletic talent?
Be afraid world, be very afraid.
It's the offseason, that's for sure. We've covered non-issues like Pat Fitzgerald getting an extension and Jay Paterno's prowess in coaching quarterbacks so far, while others have gotten deep into the Ohio State mess (an endeavor I have neither the time nor the patience to take on). So we're left looking elsewhere for news, and this is what comes out.

UPDATE: See bottom of the post for some awesome new maps released by the University. Specifically, if you'll be visiting, or want to show some friends around, or simply want to relive some of the aspects of your college life, these maps are pretty sweet.

In Cory Giger Gets Called Out News. Boom. To his defense, Cory responded yesterday via Twitter, saying that if this particular reporter didn't know that Fitzgerald-to-PSU was big news, that's her fault.

In Adam Rittenberg News. He linked to us yesterday, so he gets his own spot today. First, he gives PSU the "schedule analysis" analysis. Second, he answers "Patrick, from Dayton" in yesterday's mail blog with perfection.

In The Best Women's World Cup News Since Brandi Chastain News. "Penn State women's soccer alumnus Ali Krieger was named to the final roster representing the United States for the 2011 World Cup. The defender is one of 21 players on the squad that will head to Germany starting June 28." #winning

In Sad News Around Pennsylvania (minus the eastern side) News. As we knew, the Eastern cougar is officially extinct. In Pittsburgh, Ken "The Lemonade Guy" Geidel tragically died on Tuesday, and Pirates fans around the city poured out a cup of lemonade in honor.

In The "If I Can't Remember It, It Didn't Happen" Legal Defense News. I can't even come up with a joke or fictitious story that is funnier than the actual story, so read for yourself why former UNLV assistant coach Ty Gregorak should quit football and head to law school.

In Cripple Fight News. Apparently the two biggest print media outlets in the third largest city in the country have nothing better to do than engage in a Twitter war over Northwestern football. Foul Balls has your recap, but the story surrounds who "broke" the news of Pat Fitzgerald's new contract first, the Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein (his story in January) or the Chicago Sun-Times' Chris DeLuca (his story on Tuesday).

In PSU On OSU Office Prank News. Solid work by a rogue PSU fan.

In Possibly Lateral Move News. Tulane's assistant head football coach just quit to take a job at a California high school, becoming AD and head football coach. That's Division 1 Tulane, 13 years removed from a perfect season Tulane, relatively major college football Tulane.

In The Most Perfect Analogy News. Maize 'n Brew Dave nails who Jim Tressel has been reminding me of, except JT doesn't have a cool nickname (Scarface vs. Sweatervest?) and Columbus is definitely no Chicago.

In Obvious Questions Answered Obviously News. Rivals took a look at some cutting edge issues around the world of college football.

UPDATE: In Sightseeing News. PSU's Office of Physical Plant unveiled new walking maps for the campus, including Historic Building, New Building, Trees, and Gardens & Greenways walking tours. These seem like perfect complements to the sage advice you give visitors, and I'll recommend them to any opposing team fan that shows up and wants to see our little town.

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