May 4, 2011

Trib Report: PSU Had a QB Starter Before Spring Game

2010 Penn State vs Michigan State-61
Will PSU elect to stay the course at QB?
Jay Paterno and the coaching staff could have picked a starting quarterback before the Blue-White Game, according to a report by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
Penn State quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno said the staff could have identified a starter between Matt McGloin and Rob Bolden at the end of spring drills.

"We had an idea of who would start if there was a game this month," he said earlier this week, "but don`t ask me who it is, because I`m not going to tell you."
Is JayPa just messin' with the media, as his father had done with great fun for the last 50 years? Possibly, but not likely. It's tough to avoid making an even bigger deal out of this than I am right now, giving it its own post and all. But Jay did come out and stay something that he knew very well would inflame the quarterback debate for at least the rest of the summer. Ignoring this or burying it would be almost as dumb as being sensationalist about it.

Jay did offer up another intersting assessment of this spring practice:
"We were more accurate than we were in the spring of `08, and we threw the ball well that season," he said.
If the quarterbacks, AS A WHOLE, are more accurate than Daryll Clark and Pat Devlin were at this stage in 2008, that's damn impressive.

Oh, this summer is going to be fun.

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  1. As we get closer and closer to Decision Time, the more it seems like Bolden is the one that will stay and Jones and Newsome will go. With that in mind, and with that Outback Bowl as the last game people remember, I cannot believe that Bolden isn't the QB Jay is referring to.

  2. Jones is not going anywhere.

  3. To be honest, it's a coin toss for me right now between Jones and Bolden. I give the edge to Bolden staying because of his experience and the fact that he's already beaten everyone else once.

    Jones has been doing some cryptic tweeting lately, and had not taken (to my knowledge) any snaps with the first team during spring ball. You'd think that if what Jay was saying was true, that you'd get that QB first team reps in spring practice. A talented kid like Jones isn't likely going to stay on a team where he will only have one year of playing time. Of course all of that presumes Bolden gets the job and holds it for three years.

  4. Boy, I'm so glad the starter will have ONE warmup game before Alabama. Really bodes well for this season.

  5. Actually, kidding aside for a moment... Wouldn't it make sense for Bolden to start in September, if for no other reason that he has seen all but one (OSU) of the better defenses already on the schedule this fall? He faced Alabama, Iowa, and Illinois in 2010. Bolden was no worse than McGloin was against Ohio State (the only comparable defense).

    Okay now, let me have it...