August 30, 2019

Don't do it, Mike

Last season was, uhh, rough.
Surprisingly, I didn't burn the SD card after this game.
Photo: Mike Pettigano
What. What? Why am I back here?

It's football season. That's why.

But you haven't heard from me in this form in, well, literally years. It's something like six years I've gone away from the blogs. That also just happens to be how long it takes for your kids to get old enough where you can have 10 minutes to yourself for stuff like this.

Don't get too excited. This isn't going to be a reboot--as trendy as that is nowadays, for some stupid reason--of the old LBU.

What you'll see from me is a few posts here and there, mainly my picks for the week and a few thoughts. Basically, this will be my Twitter timeline without so much misery.

That said... Penn State vs Idaho.

So, they're still playing football, huh? Funny, last time I was around these parts, Penn State was going to be relegated to the MAC or whatever.

But I'm excited. My history as a fan tells me to never get excited. That's when things hurt the most come the cold weather. Still, there's something about this team that I really like and want to buy into.

Trace, Saquon, and all those guys took the program back to where it should have been even before It happened. With them gone, it's easy to wonder how the Nittany Lions could possible get better than when they were in the starting lineup.

They can, however, and will get better as a team. Guys like Trace and Saquon were cheat codes for Penn State. It was fun to have them until the team got stronger at the bottom. Now it's time to play on Heisman mode without any cheats. And I think Penn State can do that starting in 2019.

There's not much to say about this week, except that I think Penn State will win by a solid margin considering the opponent. Let's say PSU 52, Idaho 3.

All the years I've predicted Penn State to start out the season with a sharp offense and smothering defense, I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

Of course that means it won't happen. It's just how things work here.

I'll be going to the game tomorrow. Maybe I'll take photos, or maybe I'll hang out with my son and my dad, who are going with me. I snagged them some good seats for $30 a pop, on the west side, too. No sun in their faces. As the season progresses I'll let you know how obsessed my elder son is with football, specifically (and thankfully) college football.

Have fun tomorrow. Enjoy the good weather we're supposed to get. And Let's Go State!


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