November 15, 2019

#9Windiana will have to wait another week

PSU looked like garbage against Indiana
a week after losing to Iowa.
Let me be clear, the score prediction from last week was for the alternate universe where Penn State didn't turn over the ball three times, because 38-21 seems awful close to what it might have been.... oh well, onward, State.

Penn State hasn't responded well the last few years to its first loss of the season. Even historically, pre-Franklin & pre-O'Brien, Penn State came out flat countless times after disappointment. I'm thinking of course of the 2008 game against Indiana. A week removed from it's devastating loss at Iowa, Penn State looked like crap against the Hoosiers.

I don't know if that'll happen this week. But what does happen will go a long way to proving if this program has the maturity and leadership to make the jump next year and beyond.

No analysis this week, just the pick: Penn State 31, Indiana 24.


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