April 15, 2010

Bench Newsome! A Rejoinder (w/ Poll)

In part two of our series covering the growing controversy over quarterback Kevin Newsome, Galen adds his counterpoint in opposition to starting the dual-threat sophomore...

When the staff here at Linebacker-U.com kicked around the idea of a point-counterpoint discussion of the decades old Nittany Lion tradition of a quarterback controversy I, of course, jumped at the chance of taking on the "backup RULES!1!!!" role. Tim decided to defend incumbent backup and default-starter-by-lack-of-experience Kevin Newsome, doing so in a respectful and articulate manner to which I reply in an equally sophisticated style… Tim you magnificently ignorant slut.

Let me point out that I'm not necessarily for the backup, per se, no I'm for the best man getting the starting nod. I'm not one of those fans that will be sitting in the stands screaming for the backup against Youngstown State. Oh, and believe me, the first time Newsome misses a wide open receiver or, God forbid, throws an interception there will be a smattering of boos thrust in his direction. I'm not one of "those guys," I give the starter a chance especially since none of the quarterbacks on the roster have real game experience. My beef lies in the fact that of all the scholarship QB's on Penn State's roster, the only one that is getting the bulk of reps, at least from the reports we are reading, is Newsome.

In the coaches clinic scrimmage Newsome was the only quarterback to get reps on the first team offense against the first team defense and despite a long run (no one is questioning his athletic ability) did very little going 3 for 9 for 38 yards. McGloin did see a series with the first team but that was against the second team defense and remember, the first team D is without several starters the second team was thin. Jones was relegated to the third team and spent his one series handing the ball off. That's not exactly an open, equal competition for the starting role, I have no idea how anyone can glean anything from it. It was more a chance for Newsome to get in some reps and allow the backups some spare time. No, this race was already decided long before spring practice started.

But don't take my word for it, let our glorious leader speak for himself.

Q. Coach, what do you see from the freshmen and what are you looking for this spring?

Freshmen? I don't even know they exist. You can't count on...you want to go down to Tuscaloosa with freshmen?

Ah, yes coach, if he's the best quarterback on the roster. Does it matter if it's Newsome or Jones getting destroyed by the Alabama defense? If you don't give Jones a shot in practice with the first team offense how is he going to be prepared if he's needed and how is he supposed to get better running the third string? Paterno coached when freshmen were not allowed to play and with few exceptions has not changed that mentality, you won't see many freshmen on Penn State's roster especially at the quarterback position.

Is McGloin Penn State's answer?

Paterno's bias against true freshman (especially at QB) is painfully obvious; let me ask you this: Can you name me one other major college program that would have a blue chip QB who enrolled early, stuck behind a former walk-on with roughly the same game experience (none) on the depth chart?

I'll give you a second.


Me either.

Let's not forget McGloin though, he might be the best man for the job, but if that's the case it needs to be decided sooner than later because he's a completely different style of quarterback and the offense will have to be tailored to his strengths/weaknesses. Waiting till the week between Youngstown State and Alabama to change the offense around would spell disaster and, even worse, bringing in McGloin in the middle of a game would drastically shorten your playbook.

Newsome will be Penn State's starting quarterback and I will root like crazy for him and stand behind him. Hopefully he has a season like Clark's first as a starter, but I highly doubt it. He will make mistakes and when he does I'll have a long leash for him, hopefully he's the best man for the job. Problem is, we may never know.

Who should be Penn State's starting quarterback for 2010?

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  1. Props to you Galen for the Old-School SNL reference, you self-important slime-ass...

  2. Anytime the words point-counterpoint are used I think of SNL.

  3. I'm actually reminded more of an old Daily Show segment called "Even Stephven."


  4. I think of Streetlight Manifesto.