April 15, 2010

Mike Zordich nabbed for drinking... again

*I had originally wrote that Zordich was cited for DUI. NWO and BSD kindly pointed out that was incorrect. He was cited for underage drinking. I regret the error, and have made the appropriate corrections.

You know, that whole using your brain thing must be tought. Former linebacker, and soon-to-be former second-team fullback Mike Zordich was picked up last weekend for underage drinking, his second alcohol-related citation in the last eight months. Devon at Nittany WhiteOut takes a shot at this one:
"Zordich’s blood-alcohol content was 0.19, more than twice the state’s legal limit of .08 and nearly 10 times the limit for a minor (.02)... A .19 BAC, especially for a big guy like Zordich–who stands about 6′2, 225 pounds–means he must’ve had quite a bit to drink. According to the Blood Alcohol Calculator, that’s about 15 drinks over a 2 or 3 hour period. Sounds like a fun Saturday night."
That's bad. But not nearly as bad after you consider that he's still working his way out of Joe Paterno's dog house from the last DUI last September. More from Devon:
"For Zordich, this charge could have some pretty disastrous consequences. Some have suggested via Twitter that this could get Mike booted off the team, but even if it doesn’t, it will probably land Zordich firmly in Joe Paterno’s doghouse."
This should be an interesting next few days leading up to the Blue-White Game. But I'm not sure we'll even know more by then.

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  1. Zach Zwinak was gonna pass him on the depth chart anyway once he gets on campus!

  2. Andrew's right: There's nothing standing the way between the World's Strongest Ginger and the starting fullback spot.