May 11, 2010

Big Ten Expansion Doomsday Clock Is Scaling Things Back Juuuust a Bit

None of us can really say we didn't see this coming, but the Associated Press is reporting that Jim Delany is in "full-scale denial mode."

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany e-mailed conference officials Tuesday to stamp out a rumor that four schools had already been offered a chance to join the league.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said Tuesday that Delany had quashed a report the Big Ten had offered expansion spots to Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Rutgers.

This story has been copied and pasted by just about every other news outlet on the internets (including ESPN's Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg) so it's pretty safe to say that there will be no expansion announcements of any kind for now. However, we can't help but feel that this response by Delany resembles your typical media stall tactics that help to keep rumors at bay until those said rumors are later confirmed. Thus, we're only moving the clock back a few minutes to:


This is about the right time as there's no imminent expansion announcements, but they're still very much on the horizon. We'll be keeping an even more watchful eye in the coming days and weeks in which we expect to come across more rumors from obscure radio stations which many will swallow as gospel.*

* Guilty as charged

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